4 Ways to Lower the Costs of Manufacturing Services

Similar to other businesses, companies in the manufacturing industry are always looking for efficient ways to lower the cost of manufacturing services. As a leader in the manufacturing industry, we enjoy sharing the knowledge we’ve learned with our customers and others in the industry. Here are a few ways to effectively decrease the costs associatedRead more

Nadcap and Aviation

Nadcap Accreditation and What it Means for Our Customers

Of the many certifications that contract manufacturing companies hold, the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap) is one of the most highly coveted. Although Nadcap accreditation was originally established as a means of standardizing quality assurance measures for the aerospace and defense industries, the accreditation has become a symbol of excellence across theRead more

What is AC7004?

The Performance Review Institute (PRI) has created the Nadcap Aerospace Quality System AC7004 as a way for small businesses of under 100 employees such as Axenics to compete in the aerospace arena with the performance of special processes and still be on the same playing field as much larger manufacturers, without incurring the high costRead more