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Axenics Employees Working On Cleanroom Manufacturing Within A Class-100 Cleanroom

Semiconductor cleanroom manufacturing is required for high-precision and high-purity dispensing and transferring of volatile gasses and liquid chemicals. Any opportunity for contamination along the delivery journey may result in catastrophic consequences. That’s where Axenics takes the lead with its state-of-the-art contract manufacturing services, specializing in high-purity solutions within a cleanroom environment.

Interpretations and solutions

Axenics’ problem-solving capabilities extend beyond contract manufacturing and assembly procedures. Our engineering and design team excels at addressing complex challenges across various industries including semiconductor, medical device manufacturing, life sciences and alternative energy. Here’s how Axenics approaches problem-solving in these sectors:

Axenics Metals, Plastics And Testing Services

High-purity semiconductor cleanroom manufacturing demands precision. Axenics specializes in orbital welding techniques ensuring the highest joint integrity, minimizing downtime and waste, and ultimately enhancing semiconductor production processes.

Medical Industry

Medical devices:
Axenics helps design and produce intricate medical components, adhering to stringent quality standards. Our tube bending and welding expertise contribute to the reliability and accuracy of medical device components while reducing production costs.

Life Science Industry

Life sciences:
As research, accuracy and contamination-free processes are essential, Axenics provides custom solutions for equipment, ensuring sterile and precise solutions, from tubing assemblies to manifold systems.

Alternative Energy Industry

Alternative energy:
Axenics plays a pivotal role in addressing challenges within alternative energy systems, such as hydrogen fuel cell component production. Our team optimizes component manufacturing processes, improving efficiency in sustainable energy solutions.

Additionally, Axenics embraces automation and software solutions to enhance production processes, as evident in projects like the dye system optimization, which ensures precise dye dispensing and reduces technician workload. Axenics uses its extensive experience in metal and plastic fabrication to provide tailored solutions for varied customer needs.

Axenics is committed to solving problems and improving efficiency within our customers’ existing processes, whether through innovative welding techniques, equipment automation, or materials optimization. Our focus remains on delivering reliable, high-quality solutions to the industries we serve.

Relief for your manufacturing headaches

When you face manufacturing challenges that threaten your products’ quality, team efficiency or overall business success, you need someone who can fill in the holes within your business seamlessly. Axenics offers relief to your team by delivering high-purity contract manufacturing solutions that meet the rigorous demands of industries like semiconductor manufacturing, medical device production, life sciences and more.

Precision in every weld

At the heart of Axenics’ high-purity contract manufacturing services is precision welding, where orbital welding on 316L stainless steel takes center stage. Achieving ultra-clean welds is a complex task, especially when working with paper-thin metals. Manual welding often results in slight adjustments that can ruin the weld, but Axenics prefers an orbital weld head for its ability to dial in each section of the tube to perfection before the final weld. This meticulous approach ensures 100% weld penetration and ultra-clean weld finishing.
Cleanroom Welding At Axenics
Cleanroom Welding Services By Axenics

Is orbital welding the right solution for you?

Before getting into the orbital welding process, it’s important to assess whether it’s the right solution for your project. Answer these questions:

  • What type of tubing does your project use, and does it need to remain the same?
  • What is the size and diameter of the tube to be welded?
  • How many fittings are needed to complete the delivery system of tubing?
  • How much space is required between weldments and tube fittings?
  • What kind of tube finishing is needed?
  • Does Axenics have the right head for the orbital welding machine in-house, or is a custom head required?

Ideal industries for ultra-clean welding

Ultra-clean welding is a necessity within industries where zero contamination and superior weld quality are non-negotiable. While chemical manufacturing and alternative energy are prime examples, other sectors—such as semiconductors, medical devices and life sciences—also regularly demand high-purity welds. Orbital welding plays a pivotal role in providing these industries with the cleanest welds possible, significantly reducing the risk of micro-contamination. Bacterial contamination, for example, is a significant concern for these sectors.

The cleanroom manufacturing advantage

To achieve welds with zero contamination, metal tubing weldments must be completed in a high-purity, particle-free cleanroom environment. Axenics boasts two cleanrooms, which are the perfect setting for the orbital welding process. A proprietary cleaning process is employed, including the use of 18 megaohms (MΩ) of deionized water to thoroughly clean each piece of tubing.

Moreover, our welders wear special cleanroom manufacturing suits to prevent any contamination from their clothing entering the tubes, and all tools undergo rigorous cleaning procedures before entering the space. Ultra high purity argon gas is continuously flowed through the inside of the tubing and the welding torch to prevent oxidation, ensuring the highest weld purity levels are maintained. Maintaining gas and fluid cleanliness is essential, as even the smallest impurity can compromise the integrity of the entire system.

Axenics Class 100 Cleanroom

Orbital weld testing

The pursuit of perfect welds doesn’t end with the welding process itself. Axenics adheres to stringent quality control measures, including orbital weld testing. Every weld undergoes sight confirmation for full penetration, ensuring the highest weld quality. Additionally, welds may be subjected to helium spectrometer tests, and some may even require x-ray radiographic testing, depending on code or customer requirements. Destructive testing is also an option for critical applications.

Optimizing and economizing orbital welding

Getting around the conventional limitations of automated pipe welding processes is where orbital welding shines. It’s not only the cleanest way to join tubes, flanges, elbows and joints across various applications and industries, but it’s also highly efficient.

Precision plastic welding enhances manufacturing

Thermoplastic welding plays a crucial role in extending the lifespan of production systems for semiconductor chip manufacturers. The bond created through plastic welding strengthens the thermoplastic material, reducing the risk of leaks, fissures or other faults. Axenics offers precision welding and bending of thermoplastic pipe that seamlessly integrate into liquid and chemical delivery systems.

Semiconductor chip producers, for example, require the safe transportation of potentially caustic chemicals. Plastics inherently resist corrosion better than most metals, making plastic pipe the ideal choice for maintaining the safety and reliability of production systems and end products.

Precision Plastic Welding By Axenics

Industries demanding high-purity welds

While high-purity welding benefits any industry, specific sectors mandate its use due to the critical nature of their applications. The semiconductor, medical device and pharmaceutical industries lead the pack. Here’s a closer look at why high-purity welding is vital in these fields:

Semiconductor manufacturing

Semiconductor cleanroom manufacturing entails the highest levels of precision and purity. The slightest contamination can result in defective microchips, leading to costly production delays and product failures. High-purity welding ensures that no contaminants compromise the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Medical device production

The medical device industry prioritizes patient safety above all else. High-purity welding is essential for manufacturing medical devices, as any impurities could potentially harm patients. Clean, precise welds are critical to the success and safety of medical devices.

Pharmaceuticals and life sciences

In the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors, product purity is paramount. High-purity welding ensures that the drug manufacturing and research process remain uncontaminated. The clean welds prevent any foreign substances from entering the product, ensuring its efficacy and safety.

Benefits of outsourcing high-purity cleanroom manufacturing

When it comes to high-purity contract manufacturing, outsourcing is often the most practical and cost-effective solution. Here are some key benefits:

Expertise and experience

Outsourcing to a specialized high-purity contract manufacturer such as Axenics provides access to a wealth of expertise and experience. Axenics’ team of engineers and technicians is highly skilled in working with high-purity materials in a cleanroom environment, ensuring the highest quality.

Cost savings

Investing in the necessary equipment, training and cleanroom environment to perform high-purity welding in-house can be prohibitively expensive. Outsourcing allows businesses to access these capabilities without the upfront costs, resulting in significant cost savings.


Outsourcing provides the flexibility to scale production as needed. Whether you have a small batch or a large production run, a high-purity contract manufacturer can accommodate your requirements.

Focus on core competencies

By outsourcing high-purity contract manufacturing, businesses can focus on their core competencies and strategic goals while leaving the manufacturing process to experts. This allows for greater efficiency and innovation in other areas of the business.

Compliance and quality assurance

High-purity contract manufacturers like Axenics adhere to strict quality control standards and industry regulations. This ensures that products meet the highest standards of purity and quality, reducing the risk of defects and regulatory issues.

The Axenics advantage

Why choose Axenics for your high-purity contract manufacturing needs? Here are some compelling reasons:

Proven track record
With nearly 40 years of experience, Axenics has a proven track record of delivering high-quality, high-purity products to a wide range of industries.

State-of-the-art facilities
Axenics operates a cleanroom environment equipped with the latest technology and equipment for high-purity welding and assembly.

Skilled team
Our team of engineers, technicians and welders is highly trained and experienced in working with high-purity materials and in a cleanroom environment.

Custom solutions
Axenics specializes in custom solutions, working closely with clients to design and manufacture products that meet their exact specifications and requirements.

We adhere to stringent quality control standards and industry regulations to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of purity and quality.

Whether you need a small batch or a large production run, Axenics can scale production to meet your needs.

Maintaining customer loyalty

Your customers are well-informed and actively involved in the buying process, seeking detailed information about specific products and manufacturing processes. To thrive in this environment, businesses must focus on building and maintaining customer loyalty through education, social media engagement and personalized customer service.

At Axenics, we believe that excellent customer service begins by choosing and developing the right components to handle specific processes in chemical manufacturing. We take pride in collaborating closely with design and engineering teams to custom-build systems that meet exact specifications and provide efficient solutions. Our product range encompasses high-purity plastic piping systems, secondary containment boxes and more— all rigorously tested for superior quality and functionality.

Navigating industry trends

The chemical manufacturing industry, for example, experiences trends that can either fade quickly or exert a lasting influence. Identifying emerging trends and staying ahead of the curve is vital for industry leaders. Axenics specializes in problem-solving, tackling complex challenges on a daily basis.

The future of high-purity cleanroom manufacturing

As industries continue to demand higher levels of purity and precision, high-purity contract manufacturing will play an increasingly vital role in meeting these requirements. Axenics remains committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and industry trends to continue providing innovative solutions to its clients.

In a world where precision, purity and cleanliness matter more than ever, Axenics stands as a trusted partner for high-purity contract manufacturing. With state-of-the-art facilities, a skilled team and a commitment to quality, Axenics delivers solutions that meet the rigorous demands of industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, medical device production and life sciences. When it comes to high-purity welding and assembly, Axenics is a name you can trust.

For more information on our high-purity contract manufacturing services and how we can help you achieve your manufacturing goals, contact Axenics today.

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