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Manufacturing Services to Solve Your Everyday Challenges

Our more than 30 years of expertise in custom manufacturing services with metals and plastics, as well as weld testing in a wide variety of applications, allows us to meet any manufacturing challenge you currently have or may have down the line.

Your challenges may be intricate or straightforward in the scope of finding the right solution, dependent on your focus, be it in medical devices, semiconductors, life sciences, alternative energy, or chemical manufacturing. Perhaps your need demands a custom solution. We have the expertise to serve any industry that requires component manufacturing services, simple or complex.

Custom Manufacturing Services Like Welding
Manufacturing Simple To Complex Assemblies

Clients look to us to deliver complete solutions for piping and tubing assemblies and complex systems. Turning simple drawings into fully-customized prototypes enables large quantities of components to be built resulting in a complete system that enhances your end results.

Lean manufacturing provides the capacity to offer end-to-end solutions, streamlining the design-to delivery-process. This culminates into projects that surpass client expectations. With in-house, cross-trained, certified technicians and by stocking in-demand parts for components, getting your product to market quickly becomes the priority – likely saving you money in the process.

Our manufacturing services currently fall into three main categories:

Axenics’ certified technicians are highly trained and experienced in working with a variety of metals. Our commitment is to provide you metal services, including clean metal and high-purity welding, pipe bending, tube bending, and tube cutting services.

Specializing in these services grants us the opportunity to give you the highest level of quality while maintaining a reasonable cost. There are varying methods that can be utilized based on your project or on the application that a metal will be used in your operation.

Metal processes employed include:

We’re confident that no one else in the industry can provide the same level of quality and experience when it comes to plastic manufacturing services. Plastic can offer you a low-cost, flexible, and durable solution to many manufacturing challenges. Our team of experts can fabricate or assemble plastics in practically the same way as metals.

We surpass the industry standard for high purity, precision plastic tube bending and plastic pipe welding services. You may have some complex problems that can easily be solved with our plastic tube bending and welding services.

Plastics services are often preferred in the medical device and life sciences industries as well as other industries that utilize chemicals in their manufacturing processes. The transfer of certain liquids and gases can deteriorate or cause defects in metal tubing, making plastic the optimal choice.

Axenics delivers your tubes free of kinks to optimize the flow of chemicals. When chemicals get trapped in a kink, it negatively affects the flow rate. Worse, the chemical can dry and become trapped in the kink, causing the need for sterilization of the tube, raising your final cost.

There are many types of plastic available to meet your needs, including but not limited to:

Weld testing services ensure not only the results of our metals and plastics services, but are also another way we can lower your costs. If an issue with the integrity of a component is found before it arrives to you, it saves you time and money in the long run. We rigorously test the stability of every metal and plastic manufacturing service performed in house.

Having very high standards when it comes to metals and plastics testing, we also test to your specific company or industry standards, ensuring the final product you receive is ready to begin working for you immediately.

Helium Leak testing is of the utmost importance when it comes to components in the medical device and life sciences industries. There are two testing methods performed to search for leaks: pressure testing and vacuum testing.

Helium Leak Testing
Helium leak testing is a reliable option when looking at high-pressure or vacuum systems. Helium leak testing searches for the tiniest leaks using helium in a hermetically-sealed testing chamber.

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