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Choose Axenics for Your Contract Assembly Needs

Within contract manufacturing, skilled technicians perform all of the tube bending, tube cutting, welding, assembling, testing, and certification for the complex assemblies. The systems are then tested to the specifications required by the customer, in addition to industry standard requirements.

With more than 30 years of experience in working with stainless steel and high purity plastic piping, Axenics has the ability to build complex assemblies of all sizes, shapes and specifications in quantities from one to thousands. Complex assembly systems are projects which often involve a large number of parts, complicated processes and/or testing. They might consist of various valves, regulators and fittings, plus electromechanical parts, and can typically be made in multiple configurations and quantities as needed.

Our expert technicians work directly with our customers to design and develop a custom system based on their specific needs and challenges, or to improve existing systems when appropriate, by utilizing our in-house engineering and design capabilities.

Tom S., a longtime customer, had this to say, “Axenics is very good at what they do. They learn very quickly, and they put out a quality product. [Engineers and original equipment manufacturers] could do no wrong if they decide to make Axenics one of their contractors. Axenics has proven that they can be a top assembler, manufacturer and QC. I recommend them highly.”

Each of our locations utilizes a Kanban inventory system, and our MRP system is fully integrated, allowing for efficient scheduling and controlled lead times.

Axenics Complex Assembly Services
Looking for the perks of a contract welding partnership with Axenics? Including:
• Increased in-house efficiency • Faster company growth • Added profitability
Contract Assembly - Axenics

Choosing a Contract Assembly Services Partner

As an engineer, general manager or other manufacturing professional, you’ve likely worked with vendors on small component manufacturing projects. Component manufacturing services are a great solution to many manufacturing business challenges. It is an ideal way to handle one-time or low-quantity projects, where a certain level of expertise and access to advanced technology and equipment is required only temporarily.

There are many benefits to be realized when you evolve your vendor relationship to form a long-term partnership with company that has earned your trust. Bundling services together turns a component job into what we characterize as complex assembly services.

Instead of hiring Axenics to perform only tube bending or welding services, we would perform both services for you, in addition to a variety of other manufacturing and assembly services.

The benefits our clients see by transitioning to complex assembly services include significant cost savings, decreased lead times and increasing control over costs and delivery of products, to name just a few. Plus, working with one trusted vendor that understands the full scope of the project–versus having to hire multiple vendors for single-process projects that must be coordinated–results in much smoother project management on your end.

Make Axenics Your Contract Assembly Services Provider

There are various types of assembly services that can be delivered, depending on your industry and/or a specific project need. It’s important to find a vendor–a business partner–that can perform the type(s) of assembly services that you require. For example, if you need cleanroom assembly services, you’ll want to verify that your vendor has cleanroom facility space. If you need plastic assembly services, you’ll want to find a vendor that specializes in manufacturing plastics.

In addition to searching for a provider that offers the specific assembly services you require, you also want a commitment to delivering high-quality services. Be sure to check that potential vendors are ISO-certified and that they are dedicated to maintaining a highly-skilled and well-trained staff. It’s also important to find a vendor that provides testing services so that you are assured of the quality of the manufactured products.

Cleanliness and Quality at Axenics

At Axenics, we perform our cleanroom manufacturing in a Class 100 Cleanroom. Our technicians use ultra high-purity argon, allowing us to maintain the cleanest welds in the industry. This allows us to perform cleanroom assemblies for industries and projects where required. All of our products are carefully inspected and helium leak-tested before leaving our facilities to ensure they meet or exceed expectations.

Axenics also is certified in ISO 9001-2015 and AC7004, and our team is trained and certified for the tasks they specialize in to assure superior products and service.

Axenics excels at building complex assemblies using both metal and plastic materials in a wide range of industrial applications. Our certified staff is capable of producing complex sub-assemblies, cleanroom assemblies, prototype assemblies, gas box assemblies and skid builds that include wiring and electrical components.

Our clients see benefits by transitioning to contract assembly services, including significant cost savings and decreased lead times.

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