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Axenics specializes in the production of a variety of manifold assemblies, leveraging 40+ years of expertise in working with both stainless steel and plastic materials. Our certified team ensures that each manifold assembly meets the exact specifications of our customers, following strict manufacturing protocols to prevent any potential deformities in the manifolds.

Our facility is equipped to create both simple and complex manifolds that range from no bends to multiple bends and end fittings, depending on the project’s requirements. We utilize metals such as stainless steel and various thermoplastics, adapting to the diverse needs of different industries and ensuring compliance with all regulatory standards.

Complex Manifolds

Types of Manifolds

Chemical manifolds

Chemical manifolds are crucial in systems where chemical resistance and prevention of cross-contamination are necessary. They are designed to reduce the risk of leaks, thereby minimizing the need for maintenance and enhancing system reliability.

Plastic manifolds

plastic manifolds are often used in the medical and semiconductor industries and offer excellent chemical resistance and minimal outgassing, which is critical in maintaining a sterile environment. Their benefits include cost savings, space efficiency, and fewer leaks, making them an ideal choice for various applications.

Complex Manifolds

Comprising valves, solenoids, and pneumatics, complex manifolds are tailored for sophisticated systems that require precise flow control and integration. These are a subset of custom fabrication, showcasing our capability to address intricate assembly needs.

Air manifolds

Essential for distributing air or gases within systems efficiently, our air manifolds are available in different configurations to suit various pressure and flow requirements.

Inlet manifolds and pneumatic manifolds

Inlet and pneumatic manifolds are vital for controlling the intake and management of gases and fluids in pneumatic systems, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.
Manifolds - Axenics

Benefits of Using Manifolds in System Assemblies

Incorporating manifolds into your systems provides numerous advantages:
Cost efficiency: Manifolds reduce assembly and installation costs by simplifying the system layout and decreasing the number of separate components needed.
Space savings: By consolidating multiple functions into a single component, manifolds occupy less space, which is particularly beneficial in compact systems.
Fewer leaks: Manifold designs minimize potential leak points, enhancing the overall integrity and reliability of the system.
Improved maintenance: With fewer components and potential leak points, manifolds simplify maintenance and reduce downtime.

Custom Manifold Solutions for OEMs

For original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that lack the in-house capabilities to produce manifolds, Axenics offers end-to-end solutions. We provide consulting services to determine the appropriate manifold configurations and assist in the design process to ensure the manifold systems meet operational requirements. We calculate flow ratios, build and thoroughly test all manifold devices before shipment, ensuring top-quality components.
Gas Manifolds

Ensuring Quality and Precision in Manifold Manufacturing

At Axenics, we commit to maintaining the highest quality standards in our manufacturing processes. Our technicians are cross-trained in advanced techniques including precision tube bending, welding, and pipe cutting, allowing us to handle custom manifold productions with expert care.

Advanced manufacturing techniques

Our manifold manufacturing process includes several advanced techniques:

  • Precision tube bending: This allows for the creation of intricate shapes and turns in tubing, essential for complex manifold systems.
  • Welding: We employ both TIG and orbital welding methods to ensure strong, clean welds that maintain the purity and integrity of the manifold.
  • Tube cutting: Precise cuts are essential to ensure that components fit perfectly, avoiding leaks and ensuring system efficiency.

Challenges in Manifold Manufacturing

While manifolds offer numerous benefits, there are challenges associated with their manufacturing:

  • Uneven flow rates: Incorrectly welded components can lead to uneven flow rates, which may not meet system requirements. This can affect the efficiency and operation of the entire system.
  • High-pressure risks: Inadequate welding or design can lead to high pressure within the manifold, posing risks of damage to the equipment or even accidents.
  • Quality control: Ensuring consistent quality in complex assemblies requires rigorous testing and quality assurance practices.

Axenics’ Expertise in Manifold Solutions

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce both standard and custom manifold solutions that exceed expectations. Whether you require a single-piece or a modular manifold design, our team has the skills and knowledge to deliver superior products tailored to your specific needs.

Manifolds are integral components in many industrial systems, offering enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and improved system integrity. Our comprehensive approach to manifold manufacturing, combined with our extensive experience and commitment to quality, ensures that we deliver only the best solutions to our clients.

Whether you need a simple air manifold or a complex chemical manifold system, Axenics is your trusted partner in manifold technology.

At Axenics, we are acutely aware of the expanding role semiconductors play in today’s electronic devices, driving a continual demand for essential components, including specialized chips for automotive applications. Many of our clients rely on us to produce manifolds that are integral either to semiconductor production or to the operation of the semiconductors themselves.

Importance of Gas Manifolds in Semiconductor Assembly

In semiconductor manufacturing, a key consideration is whether components will transport potentially harmful and corrosive chemicals in the form of gases or liquids. For such requirements, we often recommend employing gas manifolds within the delivery systems. These manifolds offer several benefits, notably their ability to accelerate production timelines.

Ensuring Leak-Tight Performance in Gas Manifolds

Our commitment to producing gas manifolds involves rigorous testing at each stage of development to ensure leak-tight performance, thereby guaranteeing that our customers receive reliable, safe, and durable components. We utilize vacuum coupling radiation (VCR) metal-to-metal seal connections, which are crucial for preventing leaks.

Metal Manifolds

Custom Configurations and Dry Process Completion

Gas delivery systems are tailored based on client specifications, including assistance in the design phase if required. These systems are uniquely completed using dry processes to avoid any moisture exposure until after installation and testing. This ensures that the only liquid the system encounters post-installation is the designated chemicals it is meant to transport.

Additionally, we employ in-house techniques to prevent the accumulation of residual chemicals within the system during operation.

For systems requiring temperature control, we have developed capabilities to build heated systems using special heating tape wrapped around the tubing and valves, ensuring chemicals remain fluid during transfer.

Benefits of Choosing Gas Manifolds for Semiconductor Projects

Choosing gas manifolds for your semiconductor projects offers numerous advantages:

  • Compact design: Reduces the hardware footprint.
  • Scalability: Allows for future expansion with additional gas manifolds or lines.
  • Efficiency: Enables quicker assembly and faster checks for potential leaks.
  • Customization: Provides custom fittings tailored to specific setups.
  • Simplicity: Facilitates simple maintenance and straightforward installation into existing systems.
  • Control: Offers centralized system management for better control over gas or chemical outputs, rates, and pressures.
  • Consistency: Designed for consistent and repeatable use.
  • Cleanliness: Ensures a cleaner overall system, crucial in semiconductor manufacturing where cleanliness directly impacts component quality.
Manifolds - Axenics

Commitment to Quality and Precision

At Axenics, we understand the importance of precision in gas delivery systems, especially for processes like chemical vapor deposition used in semiconductor processing. By working closely with our clients, we can anticipate and eliminate potential issues before construction, enhancing the reliability and performance of the components.

Centralized Manifold-Based Gas Systems

Providing a centralized manifold-based gas system places you in an optimal position to maintain stringent control over your gas or chemical delivery, ensuring that every system is expertly designed, engineered, assembled, and tested by our skilled team.

Enhancing Workflow with In-House Gas Delivery Systems

Incorporating an in-house gas delivery system maintains a consistent, efficient workflow on your production floor, guaranteeing that the semiconductor components you deliver meet your customers’ exacting standards.

At Axenics, we are dedicated to supporting the semiconductor industry with manifolds that drive efficiency, enhance quality, and ensure the satisfaction of your end-users.

At Axenics, we specialize in the production of manifold assemblies that deliver gases and chemicals with utmost purity and reliability to the medical device manufacturing industry. Our team, boasting 40+ years of expertise, designs custom gas manifold systems tailored to your specific designs and spatial requirements. We prioritize safety features in every gas manifold we produce, ensuring dependable and secure operations.

Manifold Assemblies in Medical Gas Delivery

Our manifold systems are particularly suited for medical gas delivery applications due to several advantages:

  • Space efficiency: Manifolds require less space compared to traditional delivery systems.
  • Leak resistance: They are designed to be less susceptible to leaks than other options.
  • Cost-effectiveness and simplicity: Manifolds are more economical and simpler to install than alternate flow control systems.

Depending on your needs, we fabricate medical gas manifolds from both stainless steel and thermoplastics. Surprisingly, for many of our clients in medical equipment fabrication, thermoplastics often emerge as the recommended choice.

Air Manifolds From Axenics
Plastic Manifold Axenics By Manufacturing Services

Plastic Manifold Solutions

Thermoplastic manifolds are favored for transporting caustic gases due to their superior chemical resistance, ensuring safety and reliability in medical environments. These manifolds support a continuous supply of gases and chemicals essential for producing various medical equipment, such as lab accessories, patient-monitor devices, diagnostic instruments and operational machinery.

Benefits of thermoplastic manifolds:

  • Thermal resistance: Plastic manifolds withstand high temperatures without degrading, maintaining operational strength and rigidity.
  • Minimal out-gassing: Under vacuum conditions, the minimal gas release helps maintain a sterile environment, crucial in medical settings.
  • Corrosion and chemical resistance: These manifolds resist plasma-induced corrosion and are impervious to acids, alkalis, greases, solvents, hydrogen peroxide, de-mineralized water and hot steam.

Gas Manifolds: Compact and Efficient Chemical Delivery

Our gas manifolds feature a condensed transportation system ideal for chemical filtration and mixing. We incorporate vacuum coupling seal connections to eliminate leaks and reduce the part count, enhancing the system’s reliability and lifespan. Additionally, the design of our gas manifolds allows for easy access to perform repairs if necessary.

Producing gas manifolds with a leak-tight performance is central to our operations at Axenics. This ensures that our clients receive safe, reliable, and long-lasting chemical delivery systems.

With the rapid evolution of technology in the medical device manufacturing industry, we continuously update our techniques to ensure that our customers benefit from the highest-performing components and comprehensive delivery systems.

At Axenics, we commit to advancing our manifold technologies to meet the critical demands of modern medical applications, ensuring that each manifold assembly contributes effectively to the intricate needs of medical gas and chemical delivery systems.

Learn more about how Axenics can enhance your system’s efficiency, reduce costs, and improve integrity through our expert manifold solutions. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and how we can assist in achieving optimal system performance.

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