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by Last updated Aug 1, 2023 | Published on Jul 22, 2021Axenics

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Plastics manufacturing may be a good solution for the transport or mixing of liquids and gases in your production system. There may be a risk of metal components corroding or decaying with the transport of caustic chemicals. In those instances, plastic pipe or tubing may be the answer.

We created a new, free resource for you, Custom Plastics Solutions for All Manufacturing Tiers, to help with potential pain points. Below are some chapter excerpts:

Chapter excerpt: Solving Complex Manufacturing Problems with Plastic Pipe Welding

Axenics’ in-house plastic welding experts have decades of experience performing complex welds for a variety of industries that rely on high-purity production methods. Our plastics facility is utilized for precision assemblies used in advanced low-energy manufacturing processes.

We often prefer using thermoplastic pipe for chemical delivery systems for a few reasons:

  • Some thermoplastics have a greater resistance to creep than stainless steel.
  • We use a proprietary method for welding thermoplastics and can perform tighter welds than many of our competitors, resulting in a smaller footprint for your production system.
  • Thermoplastic pipe systems can be less expensive than metals.

Chapter excerpt: Solutions with Plastic Tube Bending

Through years of experimentation, we have developed tube bending equipment and techniques with better performance than what many technicians consider “standard tube bending.” The techniques and tooling exclusive to us allow us to achieve tighter tolerances and accomplish more modifications than with conventional tooling and procedures.

Precision tube bending decreases the likelihood of leaks that can become a problem with welded joints. Consistency is key, as some customers order thousands of the same plastic tube kits per year, and each kit must be exactly the same as the last.

Our techniques and tooling allow us to solve the unique challenges presented by engineers in industries such as semiconductor, manufacturing and medical device manufacturing.

Axenics can also develop plastic tube bending tooling based on your specific needs, including extremely tight tolerances. We can develop equipment to achieve the exact bend radius, angle and design required by your project. Tube bending also requires fewer fittings and couplings to join tubes to new and existing equipment or components.

Chapter excerpt: Determining the Right Thermoplastic for Your Project

We generally utilize synthetic fluoropolymer tubes for bending. Wikipedia offers a great definition of fluoropolymers: They are characterized by high resistance to solvents, acids and bases. The best known fluoropolymer is polytetrafluoroethylene also known by its brand name, Teflon. At Axenics, we focus on these fluoropolymers:

  • Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA)
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)

These fluoropolymers are ideal for the transfer of solvents, chemicals, corrosives and cryogenics due to their high-heat resistance, aging resistance and non-stick attributes.

Chapter excerpt: Solutions for Industries that Demand Purity

Companies that produce semiconductor chips and components require the safe transport of potentially caustic chemicals. Plastics are more chemically resistant than most metals, so plastic pipe is the wise choice to maintain the safety and reliability of fabricators’ production systems, and their end products.

Global sales of semiconductors continue to rise. The call for technology advancements means semiconductor fabricators are often expanding multiple systems in their production lines simultaneously. This demand requires an increase in production for the plastic welding team at Axenics.

We’re in a constant state of readiness for the expansion of industries that create smaller, better and faster technology. We anticipate and understand the challenges faced by semiconductor manufacturers.

Intense consumer demand doesn’t mean Tier 1 or Tier 2 semiconductor manufacturers can automatically increase their own production space to store new materials and machinery, or hire new fabricators and train them. That’s where plastic welding services experts like Axenics come in. We become your manufacturing partner to quickly and seamlessly take on tasks that come with industry growth.

One other thing to keep in mind, while we do not offer weld testing as a standalone service option, testing is an integral part of every project we complete for our customers. Testing procedures begin the moment a delivery of raw materials arrives on our shop floor and conclude when your components are safely shipped.

You can download the full copy of Custom Plastics Solutions for All Manufacturing Tiers here.

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