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Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical manufacturing continues to surge, and it’s a source of pride for us to help original equipment manufacturers create chemical technology equipment that will address some of the most-challenging problems facing the world. The need for support within the chemical manufacturing industry is growing – which is where Axenics comes in.

The nature of chemicals means they can quickly erode or destroy materials, and we have decades of experience knowing which components will ensure your critical subsystems are running smoothly and without issue. Axenics can produce a gas handling delivery system or chemical handling delivery system to your ideal specifications, while also saving you space and money.

We offer process control solutions in the areas of design development and feasibility, prototyping, manufacturing and complete product assembly as well as sub-assembly. Our team of experts will partner with your team to build an efficient and long-lasting production system.

Axenics has produced high-purity plastic piping systems for the chemical manufacturing industry for more than 35 years. Plastic pipes are ideal for storing, using, transferring and delivering a variety of chemicals for your processes. We maintain a cleanroom and testing lab at our facilities, so you can focus on optimizing the chemical manufacturing processes in your production space.

We ensure that our component fabrications are of the highest quality and ready to scale to meet your operational requirements by following the most comprehensive testing and contaminant-control standards.

Chemical Plant Equipment Manufacturers

Benefits of Working with Axenics

High-Purity Components

Your assemblies need to be crafted at the highest quality and with zero contaminants, but this may not be possible at your existing facilities if you do not have a cleanroom. Axenics can provide the certified technicians, experienced engineers and Class 100 cleanroom that are necessary to create high-purity components. We can also address issues within your assemblies that have higher risks of excessive pipe wear and failures, and create a solution to eliminate damage to your operations.

Superior Weld Testing

Pressure and temperature changes in your systems can cause cracks, fissures or worse to your components. We provide helium leak testing of storage containers, pipes and tubes to check for the smallest of leaks. The machines we use for weld testing are also inspected regularly by our team of expert technicians to ensure they are consistently operating at an optimal level.

Competitive Pricing

We’ve already made a significant investment into the research and equipment development needed to build and deliver consistent system solutions. You can save expensive infrastructure investments like those for inventory, equipment, hiring and training by working with a contract manufacturer with in-house production and process equipment, and one that is skilled in turnkey solutions.

Axenics Services

Process Piping

Chemical processes create immense pressures and temperature fluctuations that quickly wear out pipe systems that run from storage tanks, transportation processes and holding facilities.

Our team is skilled at producing high-purity process piping kits that are used for multiple purposes within the chemical manufacturing industry, such as gas delivery, DI/RO water and chemical delivery. Transferring toxic chemicals from one location to another without incident and minimal corrosion is essential in your industry. We recommend plastic piping for transferring some chemicals, as this piping is generally more chemically-resistant than metals, which makes them the ideal choice to use in manufacturing systems where oxidation and rusting occurs.

Chemical Plant Equipment Manufacturing
Plastic Pipe Welding Services

Plastics Welding

Plastics are more chemically-resistant than most metals, so plastic welding for your components used to transport chemicals are recommended to maintain safety and reliability. We weld on a variety of clean plastics, and we have created a proprietary method specific to welding polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is one of the toughest and most stable plastics. Its ability to withstand exposure to harsh chemicals is unmatched in plastics.


Manifolds are a condensed transportation system that are designed for chemical filtration and mixing. The use of manifolds in your system helps eliminate potential leaks, which is why we recommend them to the chemical manufacturing industry. The part count is often lower when using a manifold system, making the functionality more reliable for a longer period of time. Plus, their design provides easy access for repairs.

Chemical Delivery System Manifolds

Maximize your operations with our component manufacturing services

For chemical industry OEMs, products are always on the move throughout their operations. Chemicals are being heated, cooled, pressurized, depressurized, vaporized, and processed in a range of different systems to create the desired end product.

Lower costs and improve quality by outsourcing with contract manufacturing experts

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