Precision tube bending

Extend the life of your critical subsystems with tube bending

Installing bent tubes into a manufacturing system extends the time between repairs or replacements, compared to welded tube or other tube-joining methods. Axenics saves our clients time and money by utilizing tube bending processes since the process involves fewer fabrication hours and fewer materials than other tube-joining methods. Using a CNC tube bending machine alsoRead more

With CNC tube bending, there is less opportunity for leaks or cracks to occur.

CNC Tube Bending: An Alternative to Welding

Our in-house computer numeric controlled bending (CNC) machine may be the solution you seek. Consider CNC tube bending of stainless-steel tubing as an alternative to welding for gas and fluid system applications.Read more

Precision Tube Bending

What are the benefits of a tube bending machine?

A tube bending machine is able to bend stainless steel tubing precisely without any interior or exterior diameter imperfections. Utilizing a tube bender results in tubes with no wrinkling, and minimal wall thinning and flattening.Read more

Tube bending

Avoid Wrinkles with Mandrel Tube Bending

Potential customers who search for “tube bending services near me” do not always realize that a manufacturing partner does not need to be nearby for it to be a good fit. For example, we perform mandrel tube bending services for clients around the globe.Read more

CNC Bending, Axenics

5 Benefits of CNC Manufacturing

The consistent, reliable results from computer numeric controlled or CNC manufacturing help you grow an existing project or kick-start a new one. Our customers appreciate the end-use parts produced by our in-house Horn Metric CNC Tube Bender, which delivers tubing with the exact same bends time after time – whether you require two pieces orRead more

Plastics Tube Bending

Custom Plastic Fabrication and Tube Bending Solutions

Which will need repair or replacement sooner, a metal tube or a plastic tube? It depends on the specific construction material and usage. However, some people are surprised that we increasingly encourage customers to consider plastic fabrication for their gas and liquid delivery systems, production systems and purification systems.Read more

CNC Bending

Pipe Bending Benefits in Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical device manufacturing – specifically medical gas equipment – grows at more than 7% annually, according to Global Market Insights. An expanding and aging population around the world depends on advances in patient monitoring and diagnostic equipment, requiring original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to increase production.Read more

CNC Tube Bending

What is mandrel bending?

Mandrel bending is a method where a steel rod is inserted into the tubing as it is bent. This technique perfects the tube bend without wrinkling or breaking the tube at the bending point. Mandrel bent tubing is performed by a machine such as a CNC tube bender, which is the ideal choice for bendingRead more

Precision tube bending

Top 4 Elements to Guarantee Tube Bending Perfection

Tube bending is one of the most effective solutions for completing a huge variety of complex assemblies. We’ve helped many customers in industries such as semiconductors and medical devices make the switch to tube bending in an effort to save them money and time getting their products out.Read more

Bent Tubes

10 Benefits of CNC Tube Bending

As a lean manufacturer, efficiency is a top goal. We’re also always looking at ways to save time and money for our customers – and ourselves. CNC tube bending has been a leading example of those efficiencies in metal tube manufacturing projects for Axenics for the last few years, and we see its continued growth.Read more