CNC Tube Bending

What is mandrel bending?

Mandrel bending is a method where a steel rod is inserted into the tubing as it is bent. This technique perfects the tube bend without wrinkling or breaking the tube at the bending point. Mandrel bent tubing is performed by a machine such as a CNC tube bender, which is the ideal choice for bendingRead more

Bent Tubes

10 Benefits of CNC Tube Bending

As a lean manufacturer, efficiency is a top goal. We’re also always looking at ways to save time and money for our customers – and ourselves. CNC tube bending has been a leading example of those efficiencies in metal tube manufacturing projects for Axenics for the last few years, and we see its continued growth.Read more

CNC Bending

Eliminating Tube Deformities using CNC Bending Services

Tube bending is utilized in a range of applications for OEM manufacturing industries including medical device manufacturing, semiconductor fabrication, chemical manufacturing and alternative energy processes. Bending tubes to exact specifications for simple and complex assemblies ensures that chemicals, gases, liquids and other products can be transported efficiently and effectively through production operations.Read more

Tube Bending and Welding Services Making Semiconductor Manufacturing Operations More Efficient

People around the world love their technology devices. In 2017, it’s forecasted that 4.77 billion people globally will use mobile phones; we are expected to reach 5 billion people by 2019. And, considering other computing devices, eight in ten Americans owned a laptop or desktop computer in 2016.Read more

Chemical piping kit

Specialty Piping Kits Helping Chemical Manufacturers Maintain Efficient Processes

When it comes to chemical manufacturing services, companies across the country focus on processing basic chemical, specialty chemicals, or consumer chemicals used for a variety of purposes. They hire engineers to design the reliable internal systems that provides the transmission and processing of these chemicals throughout the facility until the last process where the chemicalsRead more

Precision Tube Bending: Perfecting the Art

Precision tube bending is a unique process that takes a skilled mechanical mindset and proven processes in order to perform correctly – and consistently. While there are numerous companies that list tube bending within their overall capabilities, few have been able to perfect the art of precision tube bending. To understand the skill required for thisRead more

Why You Should Consider CNC Tube Bending for Your Next Project

Joint welding may be a highly-effective method for joining components within an assembly, there is another, somewhat lesser-known option. If you haven’t considered CNC tube bending as an alternative to welding or manual bending, there are some significant benefits to be aware of. While there are some projects that aren’t a good fit for tubeRead more

Advances in Tube Bending Technology: Bending Inconel

Many mechanical engineers regard tube bending as a kind of “black art” compared to most other types of metal forming processes. The art of tube bending is constantly being updated and improved thanks to the latest advances in high tech software and computer systems. Tube Bending Technology CNC tube bending machines have become so muchRead more