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Axenics has been providing quality metal and plastics manufacturing services for more than 30 years to a variety of industries, including the medical device, semiconductor, life sciences, alternative energy, chemical manufacturing and aerospace industries. Our team of certified  technicians are committed to helping customers identify and resolve manufacturing systems issues using a customized problem solving approach.


Our production facility is in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts. Axenics is committed to consistent high-quality within a variety of complex assembly and manufacturing services, utilizing both metal and plastic tubing.

Quality Policy

We are in the business of meeting the needs and requirements for the manufacture and assembly of precision clean process piping and specialized assemblies for commercial and industrial customers. We are dedicated to performing quality workmanship while striving for continuous improvements in our methods. We will make Axenics the standard in all industries we serve.

Welding Behind Red Screens

Standards of Service

To ensure client satisfaction, we focus on the following standards of service:



As a rule of thumb, Axenics is 99% on-time with delivery of our products and services to all customers across every industry. Our commitment to meeting deadlines and time constraints is what sets us apart from others in the industry.

Clean and Repeatable

Axenics develops processes which allow for repeatable results from the first build to the 100th build. Our Class 100 Cleanroom and use of ultra-high purity argon, allows us to maintain the cleanest welds in the industry.

Cost Savings

By running a variety of time-saving software programs, employing a professional purchasing team, cross-training all of our staff members and using the latest tools and technology available, Axenics can provide cost effective solutions to each of our clients.

Reduce Lead Time

Axenics uses programs such as Kanban and JIT (Just-In-Time), which allow us to increase the overall efficiency of operations and reduce lead times considerably. Kanban allows for building ahead of schedule, while JIT helps us decrease inventory and reduce overall cost.

High Quality

Axenics is ISO 9001-2015 and AC7004 certified, which means all of our processes are held to the strictest quality standards. All of our employees are trained and certified for the tasks they specialize in, to assure superior products and service.


Tested for Quality

We value our customers and are committed to delivering superior quality of products and services at all times. All of our products are carefully inspected and helium leak tested before leaving our facilities to ensure they meet or exceed customer expectations.

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Meet the team and learn about our qualifications and expertise in our company video.

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Axenic Welder


Axenics, (previously called RenTec) began in 1984 as a solution to meet the specific needs of semiconductor manufacturers who install equipment to make computer chips in an ultra-high purity environment. In fact, this is where the name Axenics came from. Axenic means sterile, or ultra-pure. Back then, Axenics would install the piping, tubing and other equipment that supplied pure gases and liquids to the manufacturing equipment for pioneering chip makers like Digital, IBM and others.

As the demand for equipment subassemblies and solutions for other component manufacturing equipment requiring a pure environment grew, Axenics began making components and subassemblies in their own high-purity component manufacturing facilities. Today we take great pride in knowing that many of the OEM companies we started making subassemblies and components for, now employ us to do contract manufacturing for complete systems.

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