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Alternative Energy Manufacturing Services

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are looking for solutions to enhance the utilization of renewable energy. Axenics provides tube and pipe bending services, welding, assemblies and manifolds that facilitate the development of renewable energy systems. Our subsystems provide significant benefits for components that power electric vehicles, LED technologies and solar energy solutions.

The alternative energy industry depends on products designed for efficiency, safety, and productivity – and that is what we have provided to our customers for 35-plus years. We use a Class 100 cleanroom to ensure your components are completely contaminant-free. Your end products can arrive issue-free at the consumer level when you partner with Axenics.

We’ve watched the amazing growth of the renewable energy industry, and we have stayed current with technology advancements, ongoing training, and education. Weldments on hydrogen fuel cells used in electric vehicles are one of Axenics’ specialties. We can also assist with the development of your hydrogen production and dispensing systems.

Open and clear communication with you is the top priority of our team of experienced engineers and supply chain experts to ensure every project can be completed to your specifications, built with the necessary supplies and with all safety precautions closely followed.

Alternative Energy Manufacturing - Weldments

Benefits of Working with Axenics

NDT Weld Testing

We provide non-destructive weld testing NDT (and, when necessary, destructive testing) on hydrogen fuel cell components to ensure you receive a long-lasting product. Only our most experienced welders are assembling and testing all weldments to ensure that parts for your hydrogen fuel cells are delivered flawlessly. Our welders are also D17 certified by the American Welding Society. There is no room for error when it comes to weldments on hydrogen fuel cell systems, which is why we employ visual helium leak testing methods on every weld. If requested, we can also perform destructive tests on your components to ensure your hydrogen energy solutions not only perform perfectly, but are also able to break down in the correct manner.

Reduced Contamination

One of our top priorities for alternative energy customers is controlling contamination. Our Class 100 cleanroom is your ideal purification solution. All tools being used in our cleanroom are wiped before being allowed inside. The interior of the room is vacuumed, dusted and inspected twice a week. An air purification/filtration system is used, and the cleanroom is recertified annually. No paper or cardboard is permitted inside.

All of these precautions are taken to ensure your welded components are 100% free of contaminants when they arrive to you. We also guarantee all welds will be secure and durable.

Time & Cost Savings

Axenics has formed and nurtured strong relationships with a variety of materials suppliers over the last 35 plus years. This benefits our alternative energy partners in two ways: saving you money and saving you time.

We offer you shortened production lead times by consistently keeping materials in-stock at our facilities. Once an order has been placed, our team can begin working on your precision fabrications immediately, instead of production being delayed waiting for a shipment to arrive.

Our strong partnerships with vendors also ensure cost savings. We are able to secure great pricing from our longtime partnerships, and we share those savings with our customers.

Axenics Services

Gas Cabinets &Amp; Gas Boxes

Gas Boxes or Cabinets

The demand for high-quality, complete gas delivery systems continues to rise as advancements grow in renewable energy technologies. Gas cabinets are a great safety solution for protection against potentially harmful gases. Axenics currently provides gas systems that are used in the production of LED light bulbs.

Our team is available for consultation and/or production on a variety of gas cabinet options that will be suitable for the types of gases being used. We design gas cabinets to hold cylinders that provide a centralized gas delivery system. Our assemblies also offer a simple way to change empty cylinders without slowing your production.

Gas Manifolds

Producing gas manifolds with leak-tight performance is one way we ensure our customers are getting reliable, safe, long-lasting components. We use Vacuum Coupling Radiation metal to-metal seal connections to ensure leaks are not an issue.

Manifolds created by Axenics’ team of cross-trained technicians are all custom configurations based on our clients’ designs. Our engineering team can also assist during the design phase.

For many of our customers, we produce manifolds that will be used in the production of hydrogen fuel cell power systems. Gas manifolds are the ideal choice if your components are going to be used to transport potentially harmful gases. Another benefit of using gas manifolds is a fast production time.

Gas Cabinets &Amp; Gas Boxes
Alternative Energy Equipment Manufacturing

High Purity Welding

High purity welding is the cleanest and most efficient way to join tubes, flanges, elbows and joints. Our customers use our high purity weldments for manufacturing equipment that is used to grow sapphires for solar screens.

We recommend plastics welding performed in a cleanroom setting to ensure your renewable energy products have a long lifespan and operate at the safest level.

Some gases can be extremely damaging to metal tubing over time as those corrosive or oxidizing contaminants can get trapped inside. This can create a system breakdown that results in a loss of time and money.

Axenics’ team of welders are some of the tops in the industry, and performing precise, clean welds on a variety of plastics is one of their specialties.

Your hydrogen fuel cell production should include weld testing to ensure compliance and high operability.

Your hydrogen fuel cell production should include weld testing to ensure compliance and high operability. It’s not uncommon for power cells such as three-pass heat exchanger hydrogen fuel cells to receive both non-destructive and destructive testing to ensure long-lasting operation. Axenics’ team has decades of experience in the sometimes rigorous demands of welding parts used in hydrogen fuel cells and the subsequent testing of those welds.

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