Alternative Energy

Our certified production staff has a wealth of experience and industry knowledge in manufacturing parts and components for the alternative energy industry.

Certified Solutions

Axenics is ASME Section IX certified, allowing us to perform welding operations for boilers, steam radiators and a wide variety of other pressure vessels.  We specialize in providing the following services for the alternative energy industry:

Alternate Energy

Industry Applications

Axenics has performed work for many companies within the alternative energy sector. Some specific examples of industry applications we’ve provided solutions for include:

LED Lightbulbs

We provide piping and gas systems that go into the equipment used to make LED lightbulbs.

Solar Energy

Axenics produces manifolds, tube assemblies and high purity weldments for manufacturing equipment used to grow sapphires for solar screens.

Fuel Cells

Axenics performs tube bending, welding, assemblies and manifolds for the development of hydrogen fuel cell systems. Our services provide high purity solutions to delivering hydrogen to the fuel cell industry.

Testing Services

Quality Testing Services

Quality testing services are provided as standard procedure for each of the products Axenics provides for the alternative energy industry, so you can trust you will receive only the highest quality of products and services possible.

Searching for effective alternative energy manufacturing solutions to meet industry demands? Find out how Axenics can help.

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