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Medical Device Component Manufacturers

New high-performance materials, advanced diagnostic equipment and medical equipment solutions are in constant demand, and Axenics is actively seeking opportunities to support the advancement of these technologies with manufacturing partners around the globe.

Your application may require a complex assembly with stringent materials or cleanliness requirements. Or, it may require precision tube bending to create a component that fits into your existing system. The range of solutions we provide meets the specific and exacting needs of medical device manufacturers. And, we’ve been providing those solutions for more than 35 years, so you can count on us. By partnering with our team of expert engineers, designers and technicians, your custom fabrications will get to market quickly and efficiently.

From simple components to complex assemblies, our mastery of the end-to-end process will help boost your product performance as well as increase your yield. Turning your concept into a tangible prototype, and then into a top-tier component is our premier goal. We’re committed to delivering the cleanest, highest-quality components we can produce.

Our customers understand the importance of having a contract manufacturer with the ability to manage the entire product cycle from design to production and delivery. Axenics is your trusted medical device component manufacturer.

Medical Device Contract Manufacturing With Plastic Tubing.

Benefits of Working with Axenics

Repeatable Performance

We are committed to producing a reliable system that delivers consistent, highly-repeatable performance with the flexibility of including sub-systems that are capable of multiple flow rates and pressures. Knowing that the systems we provide you will be used to improve the health of people around the globe is a driving force at Axenics.

Reduced Contamination

Reducing contamination in your delivery system to the nano level is one of our top priorities. We utilize precision tube bending to achieve those results. This ensures that multiple fittings aren’t necessary, which results in a vastly-reduced opportunity for bacteria to grow. It’s a smoother transition for liquids or gases to get from point A to point B in your device.

Quality Results

The entire team at Axenics is cross-trained to ensure our customers constantly receive the highest level of service — and little lost productivity. Our team has vast knowledge in the fabrication of a wide range of plastics and metals to create custom components. And, our quality rating is 99.7%, so you can count on the highest-quality results.

Axenics Services

Plastic Manifold Transportation Systems

Manifolds provide a continuous supply of gas and chemicals that can be used in a variety of medical equipment production projects. Lab accessories, patient monitor devices, diagnostic instruments and operational machinery require high-performance manifolds. Plastic manifolds can deliver the results you require, and they offer the benefit of better insulation than many metal manifolds.

Plastic Manifold For Medical Device Manufacturing
Plastic Tube Bending Component Manufacturing

Plastic Tube Bending

Plastic tube bending performed in a cleanroom setting is ideal when the function of the tubes is the transport of corrosive liquids. Axenics’ proprietary custom tube bending methods for plastic materials give you more options to connect your systems. This is a proven time- and money-saving tactic, as you won’t need to purchase and install tees, elbows and other joints to redirect the tubing system. This efficient assembly process can increase your production capabilities without increasing expenses.

TIG Manual Welding & Orbital Welding

TIG welding is a solution for welding critical joints on high purity, stainless steel. It is also ideal in situations where small or exceptionally precise welds are required. While this type of thin-wall tube welding takes a high degree of skill, it can be the best choice when a high-purity weld is required.

Orbital welding is a highly-pure, contaminant-free and extremely-efficient welding solution for components comprised of stainless steel or precious metals. It is used to produce precise, flawless, repeated welds to your exact specifications.

Manual Tig Welding
Gas Cabinets &Amp; Gas Boxes

Gas Cabinets & Gas Boxes

A gas cabinet constructed of gas boxes is a highly-efficient delivery system. This system provides optimal control over gas output, rate, and pressure from a centralized location that includes pipelines to multiple workstations. Our gas boxes have been developed and tested in-house to provide you with a pure, durable, consistent and reliable delivery system.

Precision engineering of medical device components is our primary focus.

One of the most-exciting times at Axenics is when we get to witness new technology for the medical device industry being born. Portable medical devices is a strong area of projected growth over the coming years.

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