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Plastic Components Manufacturing

Plastics can provide you with a low-cost, flexible, and durable solution to a variety of manufacturing challenges where other materials, such as metal or glass, may not be appropriate. Custom plastic components can often be fabricated or assembled by our team of certified experts in nearly the same way as metals to result in a solution that will likely surpass your expectations.

Welding & Bending Plastics

It’s surprising to some that like metals, plastics can also be welded to join two or more pieces together to either form one component or to join multiple components within a complex assembly. Metals may not work for you in certain projects, because their properties are not compatible with the liquid or gas you need them to transport. You need someone with vast experience in working with these flexible materials. Our certified experts have performed thousands of plastic tube bends and welds, perfecting the process along the way, and they are ready to solve any challenges facing your end products.

Plastic welding is performed by using a filler material to fuse plastics together. Our technicians can complete your projects with plastic welding using hot gas, contact welding or heat fusion.

If your project requires plastic tubing to be bent into precise shapes (similar to stainless steel), we’ve got you covered. The benefits of plastic pipe welding include a significant space and cost savings. Plastic pipe welding and plastic tube bending are ideal for industries that will be transporting certain liquids because of the plastics’ high-purity and transparency.

There are many plastics options on the market that are ideal for your varying challenges. Specific equipment required for plastic welding or plastic tube bending depends on the desired outcomes of your projects as well as the type of plastics. Plastic welding services and plastic bending services are typically performed using these polymer-based materials:

Plastic Components Manufacturing

Polytetrafluoroethylene is resilient, stable and features the ability to withstand exposure to harsh chemicals. Consider this as an alternative to metal piping you may be currently using.

Polyvinyl chloride is a lightweight, rigid plastic known for its strength and fire retardant properties. It can be used in many of your construction projects.

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride is known for its ability to withstand high temperatures. It’s often used for hot- and cold-water piping as well as industrial liquid handling.


Polypropylene is known for its elasticity and high chemical resistance. Looking for versatility? This plastic is often seen in consumer product packaging, and is also used for projects in the automotive industry and even utilized in the textiles industry.

Metal brazing involves something called capillary action, which is the melting of a filler metal at a low temperature to join two base metals. Those base metals do not heat to the point of melting. Cleanliness of the filler metals is extremely important in this process, because potential contaminants are not as likely to burn away during the process.


Polyvinylidene fluoride is a durable, strong plastic known for its ability to withstand harsh chemicals. We have used it as a solution for our clients in the medical device and semiconductor industries.


Benefits for Using Plastics

  • Plastic tube bending is a great alternative to welding, since it eliminates the need for multiple fittings within a system or complex assembly.
  • Due to its lightweight nature, plastic fabrication is generally a faster and easier process than when working with metals.
  • Looking to save on space, time and money? Plastic tube bending is a great solution as the process reduces the overall length of the tubing, resulting in a smaller assembly.
  • Plastics have a low melting point and high malleability, giving them the ability to quickly be formed into varying basic or complex shapes.
  • Plastic materials generally are more chemically-resistant than metals, which is a boon for manufacturing systems where oxidation and rusting are a risk.
  • Plastic piping kits can be designed to your specifications, and these kits can include plastic tube bending, plastic pipe welding and tube cutting to perfectly fit your project’s application.
  • Ordering an entire plastic piping kit with one part number greatly reduces the risk of error.
Benefits For Using Plastics
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Plastics Services Available

Axenics offers high quality plastic tube bending and tube welding services across several industries.

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