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Employee benefits and retention

by Published on Jun 29, 2022Axenics

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Employee benefits and retention are two things we take very seriously at Axenics. We foster a collaborative environment in all departments. Team members feel appreciated and heard. We’re always looking for great additions to the team, especially in these busy days as we look to book a record amount of business for the second year in a row.

We have very low turnover, so there are many seasoned employees on the production floor that help train new team members. The owner of the company believes that when the company does well financially, the team should, too.

We offer a competitive salary, and we have a very generous profit-sharing bonus program.

Other benefits include:

  • Axenics pays back 100% of the medical plan deductible. 
  • Axenics offers a 401k match.
  • There’s a work boot allowance every year for new work boots or shoes for the production floor.
  • We opened a gym on-site with employee access 24 hours per day, seven days a week
  • We provide free snacks in the break room

“The general atmosphere is very pleasant and collegial,” said General Manager Dan Reynolds. “There’s nobody on top of you all the time micromanaging.”

Axenics’ owner understands the current economic stress everyone is feeling with gas prices and food costs. This year part of the profit sharing was given out in March to help with the stress.

Nick Brown runs the metals side of the production floor, and will celebrate 10 years with Axenics in 2022.

“It’s a great environment, good people. The team’s great, like a second family. That’s good because we spend more time here than at home,” Nick said. “Communication is big here. We appreciate the benefits. When the company does better; we do better. Everyone feels that investment.”

Jim McDonald is a 15-year employee at Axenics, and he appreciates the variety of tasks on the production floor. It’s never boring.

“You’re always learning something new,” Jim said, adding that he’s likely to retire from Axenics.  

Gwen Vogelsang  is new to Axenics and heads up quality control. Her first impression of the production floor was positive.

“They’re very team oriented. Everybody comes together when something needs to get done. We all work together as a group,” she said. 

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