Top benefits of utilizing a welding positioner

A welding positioner may be a great option to complete your next project – resulting in time and money savings as well as clean, finished metal tubes. Think of it as a hybrid of automated and manual welding, as a welding torch completes the weld instead of an orbital weld head inside a machine. UsingRead more

Manual TIG Welding

What is TIG welding?

It goes by different names: gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) and tungsten inert gas welding (TIG), but what is TIG welding? “Manipulating lightning is the best analogy for what TIG welding encompasses,” says Brian Thessen, a journeyman welder with more than 25 years of experience. TIG welding is a manual operation where two ferrous orRead more

Manual TIG welding at Axenics

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding in Medical Device Manufacturing

Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) is an ideal choice for the manufacturing of medical device components, as GTAW is the highest-purity form of welding, known for its refinement, repeatability and accuracy. Those are all beneficial attributes in the process of medical device manufacturing, where precision is essential. Gas tungsten arc welding is a complex, manualRead more

Orbital tube welding delivers consistency, quality

Orbital tube welding produces repeatable, high-quality and consistent welds on stainless steel tubing. At Axenics, our orbital welding process utilizes an orbital welding machine with an enclosure that protects the weld through completion. A belt- or gear-driven circular motion drive welds around the tube automatically. Our in-house welding machines accommodate different angles or thickness ofRead more

TIG Welding Process in the News

We’re not big on boasting at Axenics, but our team of welders is second to none, proven by their appearance in three top manufacturing publications in 2019.Read more

Orbital welding and tube bending

Orbital Welding Ideal for Metals Manufacturing

Orbital welding is the ideal solution for many of your custom metal fabrication projects. Axenics’ remains an industry leader in metals manufacturing for more than 35 years. Our in-house orbital welding procedures advance regularly, as we currently use some automation combined with human expertise to perfect weldments.Read more

Axenics Plastics Assembly

What Is Pipe Welding?

 Pipe welding is a technique that joins two units as opposed to syncing them with bulky or expensive fittings. Our experience is that pipe welding produces a stronger end product that will stand up through time and use, whether the pipe is used to transport gases, chemicals or water.Read more

Cleanroom welding for medical device industry

Medical Device Manufacturing – Welding Services

In recent years, we’ve had a front-row seat and have seen first-hand the growth of the medical device manufacturing. Based on that growth, top-quality, precision welding for medical device manufacturers is one of the primary focuses at Axenics. Advancing medical technologies have led to the demand for challenging, tiny weldments for flow control systems, whichRead more

Manual TIG Welding

Process Control Solutions with Welding

Advancing technology has led to the need for more challenging welding services, such as creating weldments in ultra-tight spaces. Our metals and plastics facilities are always evolving and our expert team of welders is consistently adding skills to meet the growing demands of customers.Read more

Engineering and Design Services, Component Manufacturing

What is prototype welding?

One of the challenges of growing business in the manufacturing sector is sourcing prototype assemblies in an effort to expand your marketplace reach. One of the solutions to that challenge  is partnering with a contract manufacturer with experience and expertise in prototype manufacturing.Read more