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Specialty Process Piping Kits

Process piping kits reduce production costs for our clients, who can be assured that the piping kits are manufactured in a cleanroom environment to ensure the highest levels of purity possible. Axenics’ piping kits provide the ultimate solution when you need tubes bent and cut to specifications continuously during the life of your operations.

Because specialty piping kits are manufactured to meet the same specifications – and are identical to each other – they are easy to order and install. The risk of error is significantly reduced for our clients, as they can order an entire kit with one part number.

Specialty Process Piping Kits

Process Piping Kits

Speciality process piping kits can be utilized to convert liquids, chemicals, fuels, gases or other raw materials into a usable product. Process piping includes any pipes and components that are not part of a building’s mechanical systems. Pipe systems for liquids and gases used for heating and cooling processes, or pipework that leads to plumbing fixtures or waste-water systems, would not be considered process piping systems. These are part of plumbing systems.

When Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) don’t have the space or the required technicians to create process piping solutions, they turn to Axenics and our capabilities. We ensure process equipment is up to OEM industry standards and suitable for your operations. Our specialty plastic or metal process piping kits are often used in the internal processes of various OEM systems.

Benefits of using Axenics as your specialty plastic and metal process equipment manufacturer include:

  • Axenics has your OEM design specifications on hand to create the metal and plastic tubing that will fit perfectly with your systems. This reduces installation and downtime.
  • We invest in rigorous quality control processes. Our components are built in a cleanroom to eliminate particles, and then we test the components to ensure durability to the extreme pressures and stresses they will experience.
  • Axenics manufactures and direct-ships specialty piping kits for many of our clients, which reduces the need for custom tube bending to be done at the client’s site.

Speciality piping applications include specialty piping kits for gas delivery, DI/RO water and chemical delivery for manufacturing processes. In addition, we also provide gas boxes, complex assemblies and custom tube bending, cutting and welding services.

Process piping can consist of interconnected piping systems such as tubing, pipes, pressure hoses, valves, separators, traps, flanges, fittings, gaskets, strainers and other components. These piping components can be placed together to move, mix, separate, stop, distribute or control the flow of fluids.

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Chemical Delivery Subsystems

Benefits for Chemical Manufacturing Companies

Engineers design reliable internal systems that provide the transmission and processing of chemicals throughout the facility until the last process where the chemicals will be ready for transportation to end destinations. During the design phase, the chemical manufacturer must determine the right materials that will be required to create system assemblies as well as the path on how the chemicals will move from one process to the next.

The entire complex system relies on plastic tubing or metal pipes bent, cut and welded to create the liquid transmission system. It is costly and time consuming for a chemical manufacturing company to perform the assembly process. And, due to the chemical manufacturing processes and the composition of the chemicals, tubing and piping may experience high pressure, stresses or extreme corrosion due to caustic substances that eventually leads to failure.

Having reliable access to OEM replacement parts from a company like Axenics is essential to minimize leakage and damage to the facilities. Specialty piping kits are a simple solution for chemical manufacturing services so you have the needed fittings that work seamlessly with OEM manufacturing systems.

Process piping is also commonly used in the semiconductor, chemical, paper processing, petroleum refinery, pharmaceutical and textile industries.

Axenics works with a wide range of plastic materials to create piping kits and tubing assemblies. Our technicians commonly work with polytetrafluoroethylene, which a is thermoplastic material used in many different types of industries around the world. Polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE, is chemical resistant. So, for chemical manufacturers and biomedical industries, this plastic is ideal for the transport of corrosive liquids. In addition to working with PTFE, we also work with plastics such as polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) as well as many others.

End-to-End Solution

Axenics’ engineers can help you design process piping components that can be used in present operations when space is an issue. We are expert at manufacturing components that require materials manufactured to specifications using high-purity welding, bending and cutting methods.

Your company can obtain tubing kits and assemblies to place into larger manufacturing productions when there is a need to expand operations or introduce new product lines. You can also obtain specialty kits for repair and replacement purposes for your systems.

Our specialty kits are comprised of OEM components that will fit perfectly with your internal process systems so your chemical manufacturing company can continue to work at full capacity.

By ordering specialty kits from Axenics, you can reduce the need for custom tube bending on site, which can be both costly and time consuming. Having Axenics produce repeatable kits in a cleanroom environment, purity levels are kept high.

You can meet deadlines without taking time away from other operations to perform your own cutting and bending tasks by simply requesting a specialty piping kit from Axenics.

Our specialty piping kits increase your production capabilities without increasing expenses. Find out how we do it.
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