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Component Manufacturing

Axenics offers both component manufacturing and contract manufacturing services. Although component manufacturing often can be included in contract manufacturing services, the terms should not be used interchangeably.

Component manufacturing references the individual manufacturing services utilized to produce individual components of a system. Component manufacturing refers to metal and plastic manufacturing services including simple weldments, manifolds and tube assemblies.

Axenics provides effective metal and plastic component manufacturing solutions to a wide variety of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Everything we do with metals, we can do with plastics, and the majority of our products can be built to your specifications. Our expert technicians are dedicated to producing high-quality, reliable assemblies that are ready for installation.

Component Manufacturing - Axenics

Learn about Axenics’ end-to-end component production of gas panels, custom tubing and high-purity assemblies

Assembly Manufacturing Benefits for Your Company

Because our staff is certified and trained to understand and meet industry specifications, the quality of our product is consistently high. Axenics maintains a very low incidence of customer-returned parts and a quality rating of more than 99%. We invest in the right people and train them to receive the certifications required to work on specific projects within certain industries, and we cross-train all of our production staff to provide the highest level of service possible.

Our facility space is a combined 20,000 square feet and features advanced equipment; certified personnel allows us to contribute to more efficient designs in our expertise areas and to source components more efficiently and cost effectively than others within our industry. The low cost, high purity level and secure safety standards at which we operate allow us to provide our customers with the most economical solutions to their needs.

Many of our vendors provide us with special contract pricing, which gives us a cost advantage in the industry. We have a professional purchasing team with many years of experience, who can source any special requests that may come from a customer.

Axenics guarantees simple project quotes within 24-48 hours, and more complex quotes can typically be turned around within 7 to 10 days.

Our component manufacturing services include:


One the most common and widely used component manufacturing services is welding, due to its affordability and repeatability. Weldments can be performed on stainless steel, and plastic weldments include: valves, solenoids, pneumatics, piping assemblies and more. Many manufacturing service providers can produce weldments in various shapes and sizes of configurations.



Another common type of component manufacturing service is simple and complex manifolds. Manifolds typically can be produced in both stainless steel and several types of plastics. Manifold design and fabrication depends upon the application and often must be developed to meet any strict quality specifications and criteria required by a given industry.

Air Manifold≪Br /≫

Tube Assemblies

The third type of component manufacturing service is the development of tube assemblies, which typically can be performed with stainless steel or with various types of plastics. They can be simple or complex. Metal tube assemblies are often produced for the semiconductor industry and contain a combination of welded T’s and elbows

Air Manifold≪Br /≫

Why cleanliness matters with component manufacturing

Name one thing that can bring your manufacturing processes to a screeching halt. For most companies, the main issue they experience is product quality. Medical device producers, chemical plants and alternative energy companies require the highest quality materials and efficient machinery processes to provide the products that their clients require. Yet one thing that you cannot overlook — no matter the industry — is the cleanliness of your facilities.

Dirt and particles can seriously damage components, resulting in wasted resources. Working with experienced contract manufacturing companies can lessen the number of contaminants entering the production process, which can impact your operations.

Our world is filled with particles of all sizes. They come from everywhere: old skin cells that flake off, working machinery that creates grit from the friction when metal parts rub together, or dried lubrication on bearings and crank shafts that decay into dust. For component manufacturers, especially those in the medical device industry, particulates the size of 0.5 mm or larger can ruin microcircuits’ functionality. Since microcircuits can be smaller than dust when fabricators create them on silicon wafers, making the smallest impurity a costly mistake.

Creating High-Purity Welding Environments

The best way to tackle component contamination from particles is to eliminate as much as possible from the working environment. Yet this may not be possible in the present facility if there are open workstations that are connected to other manufacturing areas.

To address the cleanliness issue for high purity welding, you have to focus on two aspects of your operations. You need to prevent particulates from working machinery from getting on delicate semiconductors; and, you have to stop workers from carrying dust and dirt particles on their clothing and skin into cleaned areas.

Cleanroom Manufacturing Essential for High-Purity Welding Solutions

Having a cleanroom for your component manufacturing processes doesn’t require a change to your current manufacturing layout. Instead, you can contract tube welding and tube bending services from an experienced contract manufacturing company like Axenics. We work with medical device manufacturers, alternative energy companies, life science facilities, chemical industries and semiconductor manufacturing services to provide a safe and clean environment for complex production processes.

Cleanroom manufacturing starts with our Class 100 cleanrooms. We can gather all the materials that will be prepared for the production of your components and then perform all services inside the cleanroom space.

Avoiding Component Manufacturing QC Headaches

It only takes one defective component to potentially damage intricate manufacturing equipment or to produce damaged products that can’t be shipped to customers and clients. Quality components are a top priority for all manufacturers, especially for those in the semiconductor and chemical manufacturing industries.

Normally, your company institutes a number of quality control processes to ensure all components are fully functional when the business first gets up and running. However, when the time comes to expand operations, you might move the component manufacturing processes to outsourced component manufacturers who can provide the professional engineers, materials, delivery and pricing that align to your budget and timeline. Since they are creating the components, they should have the quality control and delivery processes in place to make sure only high-quality parts leave their factory and reach your doorstep in time.

Axenics Case Study - Qc Headaches

Unfortunately, this scenario isn’t always the case.

Our complex assembly contract services case study dives into this very problem that one manufacturer experienced when using a third-party component manufacturer. We spoke with one of our chemical manufacturing clients who was going through operational growth and wanted to expand capabilities to include a new specialty chemical products line for their customers. They required gas delivery systems made to exacting specifications and production requirements while being cost-effective and meeting budgets.

However, problems appeared for this client as quality control bottlenecks and delivery issues arose. They shared with us the types of manufacturing goals they were pursuing, what happened when they sought out certain component manufacturing processes and the resulting issues that impacted their operations.

Then they shared with us the key benefits they gained when leaving behind the other third-party component manufacturers and making the switch to Axenics’ complex assembly solutions.

Learn about Axenics’ end-to-end component production of gas panels, custom tubing and high-purity assemblies

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