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Semiconductor Manufacturing Services

Semiconductor Manufacturing Services - Axenics

Bending Solutions

Bending tubes to exact specifications for simple and complex semiconductor assemblies ensures that chemicals, gases and liquids can be transported efficiently and effectively.

Precision tube bending is the method of creating tubes that are bent without any inside or outside diameter imperfections. There is no wrinkling, and there is minimal wall thinning or flattening.

Semiconductor producers are taking advantage of the innovations in tube bending as the process solves the issue of fitting smaller components into precision mechanical assemblies. Axenics’ experienced team ensures a correct bend every time.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Services - Axenics

Gas Manifolds and Gas Cabinets

Manifolds are utilized in the semiconductor industry to move liquids, chemicals, gases or air to more than one location in a manufacturing process. Our team employs multiple tasks throughout the process of building gas manifolds and gas cabinets to avoid any defects. Safety features are also a top priority in our gas cabinet construction.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Services - Axenics

Silicon Wafer Cleaning

Electrostatic force bonds contaminants directly to silicon wafers, causing them to function improperly unless the wafers are thoroughly cleaned prior to implementation.

Our manufacturing technicians use a process to ensure that any components we use are free of contamination before the parts are assembled. This ensures your delivery arrives “clean” and ready to install into your instrumentation.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Services - Axenics

Welding Solutions

Weldments help gases and chemicals travel through semiconductor components. We produce clean welds to prevent contaminants from entering the tube or pipe systems. Our high-purity welding for the semiconductor industry is done in a Class 100 cleanroom, a controlled environment that prevents impurities from entering the weld area.

We also employ gas tungsten arc aka TIG welding to produce welds with miniscule tolerances that are also free of discontinuities and defects.

Benefits of Working with Axenics

Competitive Pricing

No expensive infrastructure investments like those for inventory, equipment, hiring, and training.

High-Purity Components

A Class 100 cleanroom to craft your contaminant free assemblies and components.

Highly-Skilled Technicians

Technician quality rating of 99.7%, so you can count on custom precision fabrications.

ISO Certification

ISO9001/2015 certified, investing many hours into quality management to best serve OEMs.

Proficiency & Precision

Our semiconductor chip making partners use our precision components to run their systems.

Reduced Contamination

The use of precision tube bending to provide a smooth transition for liquids or gases in your systems.

Benefits of using custom-designed gas manifolds for your delivery systems

The uses for semiconductors in electronic devices grows by the minute, maintaining a high demand for components such as chips for automobiles. For many of our customers, we produce manifolds that will be used in either the production of semiconductors or for use inside the semiconductors themselves.

The semiconductor industry is accelerating processes for the manufacture of smart products that guide the future of our world. The integrity, safety and purity of your systems is our primary goal. Our supply chain, expert design, engineering and manufacturing teams align to produce flawless components to meet – and exceed – your product specifications.

Leaders in semiconductor component manufacturing thrive with a partner that manages an entire system from design to production to delivery. Our workshop is designed to provide precision mechanical assemblies, and our components are used in advanced manufacturing processes that require low energy for operation with longer lifespans.

Our engineers troubleshoot and provide solutions for all your critical delivery subsystems, including single-station, semi-automatic and fully-automatic programmable switchover systems. Quality testing for any semiconductor production equipment is a standard service providing safe, reliable components.

We’ve provided custom precision fabrications that are used in delivery systems and data communication systems for more than 35 years. Your production systems will get to market quickly and without issue with the help of Axenics’ team of trusted experts.

Semiconductor Gas Box Plastic Tube Bending

Case Study

We Solve Your Manufacturing QC Headaches


A rapidly-expanding manufacturing customer was up against production quality issues and resultant delivery delays due to a third party contract firm’s internal quality control processes.

In order to continue their expansion into the semiconductor market, our customer needed to outsource a manufacturing partner capable of producing complex assemblies under one roof. The partner would be responsible for building custom gas cabinets for chemical delivery systems on budget, while adhering to the stringent quality standards and hard-fast delivery deadlines.

They came to us for their an end-to-end solution. In addition to eliminating QC bottlenecks and controlling overall production expense, the client was able to reallocate the engineering team’s priorities, drive down labor and freight costs, and reduce domestic and international delivery times.


The customer came up against unacceptable quality issues and resultant delivery delays from their third-party partner. They were “supposed to be doing the QC work as it was being manufactured and put together in its final form. They were supposed to be overseeing the quality of the work that was coming out of their business. I spent a lot of time over there and, in the process, they used me [in place of their own quality control team]. Since I was inspecting or critiquing their work, they decided to have me do the quality checks. But it wasn’t meant to come out that way. It was a frustrating time for us,” said our customer’s lead engineer.

They needed a company with the flexibility and capability to perform at a level that was more like a partner than a vendor. Axenics stepped in and helped scale their operation for quality and capacity to provide the end-to-end solution the client needed.


Axenics provided the following benefits:

  • Ability to scale physical manufacturing space, staff size, and staff mechanical skill as necessary
  • Total ownership of the project from execution of client design to drop ship
  • Inventory and spare parts availability on-site at the client’s location
  • Adherence to custom design specifications
  • Consistent quality with a high level of precision

“Axenics is very good at what they do. They learn very quickly, and they put out a quality product. (Engineers and OEMs) could do no wrong if they decide to make Axenics one of their contractors. Axenics has proven that they can be a top assembler, manufacturer, and QC. I would recommend them highly.”

Outsourcing lowers costs and improves quality. Download the free report to find out how.

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