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Axenics is a Leader in Contract Manufacturing

With contract manufacturing, Axenics is able to offer a variety of manufacturing services on one stage, saving our customers time and resources. Companies across many industries come to Axenics to order a single part or a complete system.

Because our services are performed in our Class 100 cleanroom, high-purity levels are guaranteed. In addition, by having Axenics do all of the testing, inspecting and certification processes, our customers can lower overall production costs and eliminate testing and inspections at their location.

Contract manufacturing services vary by industry and project, and some of the most common types of services that Axenics provides are: manual and CNC tube bending, orbital TIG and Manual TIG welding for metals, plastic tube welding, tube brazing, metal and plastic tube cutting, development of specialty piping kits and complex assemblies, component manufacturing, engineering and design services.

Contract Manufacturing

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing Services

Here are just a few of the main perks to working with a contract manufacturing partner:

Cost Savings:

Products generally can be obtained/manufactured at lower prices due to bulk ordering components and existing vendor relationships which a professional contract manufacturer might already have in place. The cost of having certain products manufactured by a third party versus in-house likely will be significantly lower due to the fact that the third party already has an established workforce in place. The cost of recruiting and training the necessary labor force to perform the manufacturing tasks might not be worth keeping the process in-house.

Effective Space Utilization:

Because products are manufactured offsite and delivered either as a whole or directly to the end user, a significant amount of facility space can be used for something other than storage. For example, maybe you use your empty storage space to set up training for your existing staff, or maybe you use it for another manufacturing project that you otherwise wouldn’t have the space to complete.

Access to Equipment & Expertise:

You will have instant access to state-of-the-art equipment and expertise that has been developed over decades. While you could certainly spend the time and money to grow a team of experts and purchase the expensive equipment required to manufacture every product your business designs, outsourcing allows you to better utilize existing skills and equipment so you don’t have to.

Meet Market Demands:

Market demands are constantly shifting, and it can be difficult for businesses to efficiently operate within the ups and downs of the market. For example, when product demand is particularly high, a contract manufacturer can help a business to increase its production capacity to meet product demands temporarily, without having to invest in everything required to produce higher volumes. Conversely, when product demands decrease, the business won’t have invested in additional facility space or staff.

Our new page details the perks of a contract welding partnership, including:
• Increased in-house efficiency • Faster company growth • Added profitability

Industries Benefit from Contract Manufacturing

Axenics provides contract manufacturing solutions for a variety of industries:

Contract Manufacturing &Ndash; Axenics

Medical Device Manufacturing: By working with a contract manufacturing company with experience in medical device manufacturing, and particularly in working with plastics manufacturing, you can ensure that components are designed and produced with a high level of quality and often at higher volumes and lower costs. Some of the most common medical device contract manufacturing services include: specialty piping kits, precision and CNC tube bending, tube cutting, tube assemblies, stainless steel manifolds, TIG and orbital welding, specialized gas systems and more. Some specific applications for which medical device contract manufacturing can provide solutions include: laser medical devices, artificial heart components, medical testing equipment and cleanroom packaging and manufacturing for all products.

Contract Manufacturing &Ndash; Axenics
Semiconductor Manufacturing: When working with a contract manufacturer to create components and build complex assemblies for the semiconductor manufacturing industry, the organization must be appropriately certified, such as with the latest ISO9001/2015 certification. Contract manufacturing services we commonly provide to the semiconductor industry include: weldments, gas and chemical delivery systems, tubing kits, tube bending, vacuum manifolds, turn-key assembly services and more.
Contract Manufacturing &Ndash; Axenics
Life Sciences Manufacturing: When it comes to the life sciences manufacturing industry, some of the most common contract manufacturing services we provide include: tube bending, specialty tubing kits, specialty gas panels and boxes, tube cutting and electromechanical assemblies. A couple of specific examples of life sciences manufacturing applications includes anesthesia units for medical testing and gas systems for imaging systems, among others.

Choosing the Best Contract Manufacturing Organization

When reviewing quotes from contract manufacturing providers, you should take the following into consideration before making a final choice:

What’s Included?: Be sure to outline as specifically as possible what you want the company to do for you – beyond the manufacturing – so you can get a clear picture of the total cost. Otherwise, you might think the pricing is better than a competitor’s while the services aren’t comparable.

What’s Their Skill Level?: It’s important to verify the expertise of the technicians that will be doing the work for you. It’s also important to verify what certifications and processes the company has in place to ensure that the project is completed to specification and on-time. Ask for copies of any applicable certifications, and take a look at testimonials and information provided on their website.

Do They Offer Quality Testing?: This is a highly valuable service because it ensures that the quality of the components and/or assemblies produced matches industry standards, as well as any specific requirements your organization might have. If this service is included, it will be reflected in the price.

Is it a One-Time Project or Ongoing?: If you have a contract manufacturer that you use for ongoing work, the price estimate you receive for additional projects might be lower than if you were to price out a new provider for a one-time project. Contract manufacturers often negotiate volume discounts from material suppliers and will pass on some of that savings to you. If, however, they are being hired for a one-time gig, or one that requires uncommon materials, the estimate might be higher. It’s important to keep this in mind when shopping for a contract manufacturer.

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