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Manufacturers within your industry have relied on Axenics to provide custom solutions and equipment that cannot be obtained “off the shelf.” Full-service, high-volume contract manufacturing services has been our focus for more than 35 years.

We consider it a point of pride to partner with industries that take on the biggest challenges to improve quality of life for all of us via advanced technologies and innovations. From individual component fabrication to end-to-end production systems, we know your industry can benefit from working with a contract manufacturing company like Axenics.

Medical instrumentation and delivery systems must be produced with the purest, cleanest processes. One of our top commitments is to deliver reliable dispensing and transfer systems that guarantee performance consistency.

Our components are utilized by Original Equipment Manufacturers in laser medical devices, artificial heart components and medical testing equipment. Our team of expert technicians provides your industry services such as:

  • Plastic Manifold Transportation Systems
  • Plastic Tube Bending
  • TIG Manual Welding & Orbital Welding
  • Gas Cabinet & Gas Box Production

Many services are completed in our in-house Class 100 cleanroom to ensure contamination in your process control systems is eliminated to the nano level.

Medical Devices

Axenics’ passion for cleaner, smaller and faster manufacturing processes is unmatched. Our customers rely on our advanced capabilities to produce custom precision fabrications that are essential components in their semiconductor chip-making systems.

We’re dedicated to a quality management system in order to provide world-class services to OEMs in the semiconductor industry. The entire team at Axenics is cross-trained to ensure our customers consistently receive the best service – demonstrated by our current 99.7% quality rating.

We provide turnkey assembly solutions as well as services including:

  • Gas Manifolds and Gas Cabinets
  • Plastic Weldments
  • Tubing Kits and Tube Bending
  • Vacuum Manifolds
  • Silicon Wafer Cleaning Processes

The importance of producing particle-free systems and components cannot be overstated, which is why the processes for our semiconductor partners is performed in a Class 100 cleanroom, a controlled environment that prevents impurities from having access to your products.

Our customers require pure, durable custom components to ensure their patient diagnostics and inspection solutions are consistently operating at the optimum level. Axenics’ experts have decades of experience in producing components for laser systems.

Due of the sensitive nature of your instrumentation, our primary goal is reducing contamination from your systems. These services, performed in a cleanroom environment, ensure you are getting top-notch components:

  • Plastic Pipe Welding
  • Manifold Delivery Systems
  • Specialty Gas Panels and Gas Boxes

Every new project arrives with challenges related to production standards and industry regulations, which is why advancing our in-house training is always a top goal at Axenics.

Life Sciences
Alternate Energy

Axenics’ manufacturing tactics continue to develop and improve to produce clean, resilient and reliable components designed to improve the production of your energy technologies. Hydrogen fuel cell power systems are advancing at a rapid rate, which is why continuing education is a priority with our technicians.

We share the benefits of having solid relationships with materials vendors in an effort to reduce your lead time and save you money on fabrication assembly. These services can help ensure the safety and durability of your products:

  • Gas Cabinets or Gas Boxes
  • Gas Manifolds
  • High-Purity Welding

We also provide non-destructive testing on components for hydrogen fuel cells  to guarantee their long lifespan.

The components we produce for your chemical technology equipment retain their strength in the harshest environments. Axenics has been developing high-purity plastic piping systems for more than 35 years, and we have developed a proprietary solution to ensure the mixing and dispensing of chemicals is performed in the safest and most-reliable way possible.

Safety must be the top priority for every aspect of chemical transport. Services we provide to ensure the assurance of your systems include:

  • Helium Leak Testing
  • Plastics Welding
  • Manifold Production

Your existing control, testing and delivery systems should not be ignored. We will examine potential weaknesses within your in-house processes that have higher risks of chemical damage, and we will create a solution to keep your operations running smoothly.

Chemical Manufacturing
Our clients see benefits by transitioning to complex assembly services, including significant cost savings and decreased lead times.
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