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Life Sciences Manufacturing

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are looking for solutions to enhance the utilization of renewable energy. Axenics provides tube and pipe bending services, welding, assemblies and manifolds that facilitate the development of renewable energy systems. Our subsystems provide significant benefits for components that power electric vehicles, LED technologies and solar energy solutions.

The alternative energy industry depends on products designed for efficiency, safety and productivity – and that is what we have provided to our customers for 35-plus years. We use a Class 100 cleanroom to ensure your components are completely free of contaminants. Your end products can arrive at the consumer level issue-free when you partner with Axenics.

We’ve watched the amazing growth of the renewable energy industry, and we have stayed current with technology advancements with ongoing training and education. Weldments on hydrogen fuel cells used in electric vehicles are one of Axenics’ specialties. We can also assist with the development of your hydrogen production systems and hydrogen dispensing systems.

Open and clear communication with you is the top priority of our team of experienced engineers and supply chain experts to ensure every project can be completed to your specifications, built with the necessary supplies and with all safety precautions closely followed.

Life Sciences Gas Boxes

Benefits of Working with Axenics

Competitive Pricing

We’ve made a significant investment into the research and equipment development needed to build and deliver consistent system solutions. You can save expensive infrastructure investments like those for inventory, equipment, hiring and training by working with a contract manufacturer with in-house production and process equipment, and one that is skilled in turnkey solutions.

On-Time Delivery

Axenics is able to provide you shorter lead times in part because of our cross-trained team. Another time saver is keeping materials in-house for manufacturing instrumentation, components or complete systems. Our relationships with high-quality vendors is another method we use to maintain control over lead times and costs.

High Purity Fabrication

Components for laser systems and other life sciences industry devices and instrumentation demand the highest degree of purity or they will not function. One of our primary goals is reducing contamination from your delivery systems. We consistently deliver the cleanest, top-quality components.

Axenics Services

Plastic Pipe Welding

Your laboratory’s productivity can be boosted by working with experts in plastic pipe welding. Our technicians have 35-plus years of experience in plastics fabrication.

Plastic pipe welding is used to produce precision control, monitoring or purification systems that meet your exacting project requirements. We utilize plastics such as polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, and our pipe-to-pipe weldments can be produced at miniscule measurements.

Our techs have the unique skill of welding polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a low-friction plastic that is easily formable and boasts great resistance to chemicals. It works well in varying temperature environments, making it the ideal solution for delivery systems within the field of life sciences.

Plastics Welding - Pipe Welding
Plastic Manifolds

Manifold Delivery Systems

Plastic manifolds offer precise measurement solutions and the safe dispensing and transfer of volatile chemicals. Manifolds feature high-thermal mechanical strength and are able to resist thermal degradation and maintain operating strength and rigidity in high temperatures.

Minimal out-gassing (gas release within solid material) under vacuum is another benefit of incorporating complex manifolds into components, as maintaining a sterile environment is essential in this industry.

Specialty Gas Panels and Gas Boxes

Gas boxes and gas cabinets have been developed and tested at Axenics to provide OEMs with process control solutions that utilize a durable, clean, and reliable delivery system.

Based on your goals, our team can develop a gas system to offer you better control over output, rate and pressure. Customers appreciate our end-to-end solution of gas systems designed, engineered, assembled, and tested by our team of experts.

Specialty Gas Boxes
Plastic Tube Cutting And Bending

Tube Bending, Tube Cutting & Specialty Piping Kits

Plastic manufacturing requires a high level of skill and expertise to ensure the integrity of tube bends and tube cutting. Our qualified technicians can bend plastics to fit almost any shape and/or space requirements without the need for adding multiple joints and fixtures.

Discover scalable solutions for your component manufacturing pain points!

Life science industries, such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, are constantly analyzing and creating innovations to further help and take care of people. Such innovations are changing our world for the better.

Our clients see benefits by transitioning to complex assembly services, including significant cost savings and decreased lead times.
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