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Tube Cutting Services

Tube cutting services need to be performed with high precision. Our process is exceptionally clean, accurate and repeatable. The latest technology and machinery are used to provide the exact cut lengths desired while keeping the inside diameter (ID) clean and preventing contaminants from entering the tubing.

High Purity Tube Cutting Environment

Axenics is known for its high-purity environment and ultra-clean manufacturing space. To maintain the highest level of purity, we’ve segregated space dedicated solely to tube cutting. By controlling the tube cutting operation, particles can be contained in one area of the building so they cannot contaminate the rest of the manufacturing floor.

Expert Technicians

The skilled technicians use a precision cut-off tool and a facing tool that can square the tubing to within .005. Custom finishing services are available for the outside diameter (OD) of the tube after cutting, for a cleaner look, using bead blasting, polishing and more, according to customer specifications.

Additional Services

In addition to tube cutting and finishing services, we also provide TIG or orbital welding, precision tube bending, assembly and brazing services. Axenics also offers custom tubing kits made to order at specific cut lengths and tolerances based on the needs of our customers.

Tube Cutting Services

Specialty Piping Kits

Our specialty piping kits are often used for internal piping for OEMs, and are mostly requested with plastics materials, but can also be done with metals.

Tube Assemblies

Our experts are able to create just about any type of tube assembly that a customer requires.

We provide precision tube cutting services to create components that fit precisely into your complex assembly system.
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