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Experts in Precision Tube Bending

Precision tube bending at Axenics occurs in a clean environment, ensuring the highest level of purity for finished components. With expertise in custom plastic tube bending, we provide a range of options for connecting delivery systems. Our process especially suits systems transporting corrosive liquids, offering increased productivity without compromising workspace. Cost-effectiveness is a key consideration for us, as we understand the importance of delivering quality solutions to our clients.

Axenics’ qualified technicians can bend plastics to fit almost any shape and/or space requirements, without the need for adding multiple joints and fixtures. It’s important to ensure that the appropriate amount of heat and consistent heat is applied to the bent tube to avoid developing kinks, which can restrict liquid or chemical flow.

Precision plastic tube bending is a great solution for building systems where limited space or a specific shape is required. Plastic tube bending is a great alternative to welding since it eliminates the need for multiple fittings within a system or complex assembly. Axenics performs custom tube bending and develops specialty tubing kits to meet various business challenges.

Axenics is capable of bending the following polymer-based materials:

  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE/FPA)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • High density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)
Plastic Tube Bending

“The demand for high purity thermoplastic tube bending is expected to grow by 7% annually.


Precision Tube Bending Thank You

Uncover the benefits of custom plastic tube bending for your project

  • Lower production costs and speed production time
  • Eliminate welds, joints and fixtures for smooth transportation of liquids and gases
  • Diminish risk of system leaks
  • Result in a cleaner and smoother finish

Benefits of Plastic Tube Fabrication

Though metal manufacturing services are highly valuable and critical to every manufacturing sector, there are many benefits that plastic manufacturing offers:

Plastic offers a low-cost, flexible and durable solution to a variety of manufacturing challenges where other materials, such as metal or glass, might not be appropriate. 

With the right skills and expertise, plastics can be fabricated or assembled in much the same way that other materials are.

Having your tube bending services performed by Axenics, gets you a reliable component that meets your specifications every time.

High purity bending in our Class 100 cleanroom

Another important advantage to obtaining tube bending services from contract manufacturing companies such as Axenics is that we have a Class 100 cleanroom to ensure that every tube is bent using a clean process if that is necessary for your industry or operation. This service is desired by OEMs in a range of industries where tube contaminants have the potential to ruin assembly systems or end products.

Plastic Tube Bending - Axenics
Plastic Tube Cutting And Bending

Cut costs with customized bends

An additional perk we offer is the range of shapes and bends that we can execute, decreasing the need for additional joints and fittings in your assemblies. Why spend more on expensive T’s, elbows and other joints when we can streamline your tubing to avoid the need for such fittings altogether? This value add serves as a considerable time and money-saving feature, simplifying your project’s logistics.

Quality above all

Axenics ensures that all thermoplastic fabrications undergo quality testing, which is another considerable time and money saver for our clients. We certify that custom tubing components or piping assemblies meet – and often exceed – industry standards. If you have any specific requirements, you can be certain that they will already be factored into our pricing. With Axenics, premium quality is never an add-on; it’s part of the deal. 

Plastic Tube Cutting And Bending

Rethink tube bending with non-metals 

For some, tube bending still brings to mind images of metal manufacturing, with soft metals bent into a variety of shapes. Yet for industries like chemical manufacturing and life sciences, metal components can be problematic. The chemicals that are produced may erode the material, and any corrosion of the metal weld can contaminate the product, making it unusable. In these scenarios, OEMs and other tiers need piping kits made of non-metals. Axenics provides high purity tubes with thermoplastics, ensuring that your processes are free from the risk of flaking metal.

Plastics are your next competitive advantage

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