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You’ve got tight space problems; we’ve got tube bending solutions. Our precision tube bending always fits the bill.

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Metal Services


Axenics excels in providing high purity orbital welding, manual precision tube bending and CNC tube bending services for a range of industrial applications.

Plastics Services


Axenics specializes in performing a variety of high-quality plastic tube bending and tube welding services, including specialty piping kits and tube assemblies.

Testing Services


Axenics test all of the work in our facility and offers additional testing based on customer request and specifications.

Contract manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Our certified technicians produce a variety of contract manufacturing services, from complex assemblies, gas boxes and gas delivery systems, to specialty piping kits and more.

Component Manufacturing

Axenics produces various metal and plastic component manufacturing solutions, including simple weldments, manifolds and tube assemblies, to a wide variety of OEM manufactures.

Industries Served

Medical Device
Life Sciences
Alternative Energy
Chemical Manufacturing
Aerospace Industry

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ANAB Accredited
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