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6 advantages of an employee gym

by Published on Jun 30, 2022Axenics

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We added an employee gym to our new headquarters in Tyngsboro, MA, which is available for the team to use 24 hours per day, seven days a week. It quickly became a popular perk for employees.

“I use the employee gym every day at lunchtime and sometimes after work. I feel like I have more energy after a workout,” said Bob Driscoll. “Every day, we have a different workout, such as shoulders on Wednesdays. Some days, we’ll mix it up (on the machines). We’re trying to bring in as many guys as we can (to use the gym).”

Bob used to have a membership to a gym where he and his Axenics co-worker, Teo Hernandez, worked out together for about 10 years. Now, they’re able to save money on a gym membership and get a workout during the middle of the day.

The gym features a treadmill, several weight benches and a variety of options for exercising different muscle groups. Employees access the gym from an exterior door outside of normal business hours.

There are advantages to having an employee gym within a place of business:

Morale booster

The health and wellness of Axenics’ employees has always been a priority of management, and the gym is an extension of that. It’s a convenient option for some quick exercise which can improve your overall mood.

Fewer sick days

When we’re healthier overall – thanks to exercise and eating right – we’re less likely to feel ill and have to miss work. As a lean manufacturer, everyone feels the pinch when team members are out sick. The gym helps us feel healthier and more productive during work days. 

Save time and money

It’s harder to say “not today” about the gym when it’s right in your place of work. There’s no need to spend extra money on gas or time for travel to an off-site gym when there’s one steps away.

Feel the energy

As Bob mentioned, he feels energized after a lunchtime workout. Using the treadmill for just a few minutes can get your heartrate up during some cardio, making you feel less sluggish and ready to take on the next challenge.


We mentioned our strong retention in this post, and we feel it’s partly due to the “little things” we do for our team to show them our appreciation. An on-site gym is another of those “little things” that helps with morale, camaraderie and encourages the team to stay with Axenics for the long haul.

Reduce stress

Exercise is a proven stress reducer. Having a gym at work allows team members to try new things in an effort to lower stress. Just 10-15 minutes of exercise can improve your stress levels.

If you’re looking for a new job opportunity and Axenics sounds enticing, visit our careers page. We’re always on the lookout for the next awesome team member. 

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