Metal manifolds

10 Reasons to Switch to Manifold Manufacturing

Switching your next component manufacturing project to the production of manifolds can offer your company a large number of unique integration and design possibilities with the added value of being relatively inexpensive to create. Metal and plastic manifolds made to your company’s specifications are a reliable solution – with the added bonus of having aRead more

Contract manufacturing - Gas box

3 Reasons to Work with a Contract Manufacturing Company

By design, a contract manufacturing company exists to partner with an original equipment manufacturer to increase your production capabilities. However, there are some companies that insist on keeping all aspects of production in-house. Here’s an example of how that doesn’t always work:Read more

Elevate production

Misconceptions of Contract Manufacturing – Outsourcing to Elevate Production

Production challenges are a continuous hassle for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). It’s commonplace for an OEM to do some partnering with a vendor for a one-time or short-run component manufacturing project.Read more

Gas panel, Axenics

Solution Spotlight: Gas Boxes to Speed Your End Results

The demand for high-quality, complete gas delivery systems continues to rise as advancements grow in a variety of industries, such as medical devices, semiconductors and alternative energy.Read more

Hawaiian shirts for wild shirt day at Axenics

Cultivating Camaraderie On the Contract Manufacturing Floor

At Axenics, we take our manufacturing work extremely seriously, and our 30+ years of high-quality work displays this. That said, there is always room for a little fun and frivolity on the floor at a contract manufacturing plant. Last week, we promoted a “wild shirt” day with the team, encouraging everyone to dig out theirRead more

Gas panel assembly from Axenics

Five Axenics End-to-End Manufactured Components

Working with contract manufacturing companies on projects from inception to completion has several benefits, including a reduction in lead time and an opportunity to be conservative with costs. Having one team from A-Z avoids a product being assembled piecemeal – and can also diminish mistakes that can arise when multiple crews are part of theRead more

Contract Manufacturing Works Even If You’re Not Local

Contract Manufacturing Works Even If You’re Not Local

How do you determine who best suits your contract manufacturing needs. Do you stay local? In-town seems like a good idea, right? Not necessarily. Just because someone who provides a service you seek is down the street does not automatically make them the best option. There are multiple factors to consider when choosing a contractRead more

Why is Tolerance Important in Product Engineering & Manufacturing?

Working with clients for more than 35 years means we have pretty much seen it all. It’s not unusual to get what we call a “napkin drawing” for a potential product, one that lacks detail, measurements, etc. Our talented product design team is often able to take a simple drawing and work closely with theRead more

Made in the USA, Axenics

Contract Manufacturing in the US Saves Time and Money

Made in the USA is a point of pride for Axenics, as we have been providing manufacturing solutions 100% in-house in New England for 35 years. There are several benefits to our customers by offering complete contract manufacturing solutions:Read more

Safety Features Designed into a Gas Panel

Original equipment manufacturers around the world utilize a range of gases in their operations. The type of gas that’s used is based on the desired outcome of that specific process, whether it requires combustion, cutting, coating, treatment or a variety of other applications. Once the appropriate gas is selected, manufacturers look for the most efficientRead more