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How the Pandemic and Stimulus Affects U.S. Manufacturing

Manufacturing in a pandemic is the current reality at Axenics and thousands of producers across the country. Our doors are open, morale is thankfully high on the floor and we’re operating four 10s, Monday through Thursday, to limit the team’s potential exposure to the Coronavirus. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) includes some manufacturers asRead more

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Contract Assembly Partner

We’re all seeking ways to become more profitable in the new decade. A contract assembly services partner takes a lot of the concerns and heavy lifting off your team’s shoulders and places it into highly-capable hands. There are lots of companies out there, so we recommend choosing a partner who consistently provides you with leanRead more

What is the difference between assembly and manufacturing?

Some people think that assembly and manufacturing are the same thing. It’s a common misconception. At Axenics, we perform both assembly and manufacturing, but there is a clear difference between the disciplines.Read more

Completing Links in Your Manufacturing Supply Chain

The worldwide medical device industry will hit $420 billion in 2020, according to new research. Expanding your existing infrastructure to keep up with this industrial evolution is a costly endeavor. Are there already chinks in your manufacturing supply chain due to advancing technologies? Think about all aspects of the chain from product design to delivery.Read more

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Why do companies outsource manufacturing?

Revenue increases. Time-saving techniques. Leaner manufacturing overall. Why do companies outsource manufacturing? Because sometimes your pain points and goals share commonalities. Here are 10 benefits for looking at outsource manufacturing partners – which could also be existing in-house challenges:Read more

What is Lean Manufacturing Training?

After 35-plus years, everyone on team Axenics appreciates and improves by continued guidance. What is lean manufacturing training? Answer: Continuing education on a variety of aspects in an ever-changing environment. We live by this and encourage our partners and vendors to do the same.Read more

Outsource with Manufacturing Companies in NH

Manufacturing companies in NH can add value to your operations even if your operations aren’t located in New Hampshire! Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) rely on competent contract manufacturers to leverage production with an expanding or new line.Read more

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How Does Lean Manufacturing Work?

Maximizing production plus minimizing waste equals higher profits – this is the lean manufacturing equation in a nutshell. Easier said than done, right? Not really. If you strategize an approach across the board for lean assembly manufacturing, it catches on from your production floor and sometimes even spreads to your vendors and customers.Read more

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Minimize production time with assembly manufacturing

Improve production times without having to add regular staff members or increase work space and in-house materials by partnering with an assembly manufacturing partner. Whether your current product line grows or you require new, custom, precision fabrications, outsourcing some or all of the tasks keeps your existing facility running smoothly.Read more

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5 Must Ask Questions To Boost Output with Assembly Services

How can I boost my output with assembly services? Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) face a glut of challenges producing components for industries that work with hazardous chemicals and gases, due to their volatile nature. Chemical manufacturers and leaders in alternative energy partner with providers of top-quality contract assembly services to boost output and save moneyRead more