Gas panel safety

Gas Cabinets Essential for Safe Chemical Production

Chemical manufacturers devise solutions for some of the globe’s largest challenges. The production of those solutions involves delivery systems where caustic gases flow throughout subsystems. Gas cabinets or gas boxes often house those subsystems, therefore gas cabinet safety and gas box safety are critical elements of Axenics’ production process. (We use the terms gas cabinetRead more

Why do companies choose to outsource manufacturing?

Technologies and innovations that improve the lives of millions of people are advancing at an amazing pace. Industries that focus on health innovations, such as life sciences and medical device manufacturers, thrive and stay ahead of the pack by being savvy and extremely judicious when it comes to competitive pricing and efficiency in product delivery.Read more

Selecting The Right Contract Manufacturing Company

Contract manufacturing companies such as Axenics form partnerships with original equipment manufacturers in order to get new or expanded products to market efficiently. Whether you’re considering outsourcing some or all of your contract manufacturing processes, determining which company to choose can be a daunting task.Read more

Pros and Cons of Contract Manufacturing

Growing your market share with the addition of a new product is every manufacturer’s primary goal, right? The phrase “growing pains” exists for a reason, though. Change can be challenging for your team. If you are considering using a contract manufacturing company to address your pain points for a new project or an existing one,Read more

Contract manufacturing - Gas box

How Companies Use Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing, also known as outsourcing, continues to grow as a business practice for industries such as semiconductors and medical devices, considering that contract manufacturers can save companies a considerable amount of time, resources and overall production costs.Read more

Contract Manufacturing, Axenics

The Importance of Contract Manufacturing

“Why would I want to hire a contract manufacturer when I’ve got 25 people on the floor who can do the job?” The benefits of contract manufacturing for all tiers of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)  include: Increased in-house efficiency Faster company growth Added profitability “Sure, that’s easy to say in a bulleted list, but howRead more

TIG welding at Axenics

Education is Key in Contract Manufacturing Services Growth

Axenics has been fortunate to experience continued growth over the last 35 years — 2019 marks that milestone for us. In trying to nail down what keeps our contract manufacturing services strong, all signs point to education. We’ve seen significant long-term value for us and for our customers by cross-training our team members for everyRead more

Metal manifolds

10 Reasons to Switch to Manifold Manufacturing

Switching your next component manufacturing project to the production of manifolds can offer your company a large number of unique integration and design possibilities with the added value of being relatively inexpensive to create. Metal and plastic manifolds made to your company’s specifications are a reliable solution – with the added bonus of having aRead more

Contract manufacturing - Gas box

3 Reasons to Work with a Contract Manufacturing Company

By design, a contract manufacturing company exists to partner with an original equipment manufacturer to increase your production capabilities. However, there are some companies that insist on keeping all aspects of production in-house. Here’s an example of how that doesn’t always work:Read more

Elevate production

Misconceptions of Contract Manufacturing – Outsourcing to Elevate Production

Production challenges are a continuous hassle for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). It’s commonplace for an OEM to do some partnering with a vendor for a one-time or short-run component manufacturing project.Read more