CNC Pipe bending

Component Manufacturing Done Lean For A Super-Fast Turnaround

These days, everyone craves completion quickly when it comes to component manufacturing. They also expect high-quality results. We get it. That’s why Axenics has set into place ideals and ways of operating to save time and money for everyone involved. It’s worked for the prior 30+ years and will continue to work for the nextRead more

Lead time in manufacturing

Lead Time is Big Differentiator in Electronic Component Manufacturing

In the 30-plus years Axenics has been in the component manufacturing industry, there have been shifts in the expectations of customers. Quality was king; then it shifted to price. Today, we find that a combination of quality and lead time is what customers are looking for.Read more

Complex Assembly Services

Why Are Manufacturers Struggling with Component Quality Control?

It only takes one defective component to potentially damage intricate manufacturing equipment or to produce damaged products that can’t be shipped to customers and clients. Quality components is a top priority for all manufacturers, especially for those in the semiconductor and chemical manufacturing industries.Read more

tig welding

Manufacturing Metals: Tube Welding, Tube Bending and Specialty Piping Kits

When it comes to manufacturing processes, there are a variety of metal components making up equipment and machine systems. The tubes will need to be bent and welded to accurate specifications to handle the intense pressures and loads they experience. In addition, different types of tubing may need to be joined effectively so welded areasRead more

Cleanroom welding

Why Cleanliness Matters with Component Manufacturing

Name one thing that can bring your manufacturing processes to a screeching halt. For most companies, the main issue they experience is product quality. Semiconductor fabricators, medical device producers, chemical plants and alternative energy industries require the highest quality materials and efficient machinery processes to provide the quality products that their clients require. Yet oneRead more


Component Manufacturing: Exploring Manifold Types and Benefits

Complex manifolds are typically made up of valves, solenoids, pneumatics, or flow restrictors, and are considered to be a subset of custom fabrication or design fabrication manufacturing. Manifolds offer a variety of benefits when included in a simple or complex assembly. Whether simple or complex, manifold assemblies offer a centralized location for connecting multiple valvesRead more

Plastic Welding

Choosing Fabrication Materials, Part II: The Pros and Cons of Plastics

A variety of different types of materials, including both plastics and metals, are frequently used in fabrication for manufacturing services across a wide range of industries. Plastics and metals come in all different types and grades, each of which offers distinct properties that work for certain types of projects. Knowing which type of material isRead more

Working with Metals

Choosing Fabrication Materials, Part I: The Pros and Cons of Metals

Whether a company chooses to use metal or plastic to manufacture components is highly dependent upon a variety of factors, including: The industry in which the products are being used; what they are being used for; how they are being fabricated; the allowable budget; whether appearance is a factor; and more. These details will allRead more