Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing in sluggish and prosperous times

Our lean manufacturing practices come in very handy when there’s a shift in the speed of business. Fortunately, the new year sees a burst of growth continuing, specifically with component manufacturing for the semiconductor industry. Since late summer, we’ve been busy with new projects that look to carry on at least through the first quarterRead more

Process Piping Solutions for Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical technology equipment constructed with ultra-pure process piping results in the reliable and safe dispensing and transfer of potentially dangerous liquids and gases. Axenics partners with chemical manufacturing experts on process control solutions delivered on deadline and on budget.Read more


Non-destructive weld testing critical for hydrogen fuel cell components

The call for cleaner energy gets louder every day, which is why Axenics puts a strong focus on welding and weld testing for hydrogen fuel cell components. Original equipment manufacturers demand the highest purity level for fuel cell technologies, and we deliver exceptional products by implementing tactics such as:Read more

Improving Life Sciences Lab Productivity with Plastics Welding

Our customers in life sciences manufacturing see an increase in laboratory productivity when switching from stainless steel components to plastics. It is a time- and money-saving solution for our scientific equipment fabrication customers.Read more

Advanced Manufacturing Processes for Semiconductor Industry

Axenics’ advanced manufacturing processes ensure our team of expert technicians produce components that very often exceed customer expectations. Original equipment manufacturers require the highest-quality components for their semiconductor chip-making systems. Therefore, it’s essential for even the most-seasoned manufacturing journeymen to keep improving their skills, which is why we never stop learning.Read more

Plastic Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturing Challenges

Diagnostic equipment and instruments for medical device manufacturing remain in high demand for manufacturers in the United States due to the growth of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. The healthcare community requires technology and innovations in an effort to make critical diagnoses as early as possible. Therefore, original equipment manufacturers require sourcedRead more

Tube bending for medical device industry

Why Use Plastic Tubing in Medical Device Manufacturing?

One of the most-exciting times at Axenics is when we get to witness new technology for the medical device industry being born. Portable medical devices is a strong area of projected growth over the coming years. Because we are an end-to-end manufacturer, we often get early looks at innovations in industries, and our precision engineeringRead more

Axenics manifold for semiconductor industry

Semiconductor Industry Looks to Boom Through at Least 2024

As advanced technologies emerge on what feels like a daily basis, and research remains strong, the semiconductor industry shows no signs of slowing — and in fact looks to boom through at least 2024. Axenics’ design, engineering and manufacturing teams have seen the growth of semiconductor manufacturing services first-hand, keeping pace with the industry overRead more

Complex assembly services, Axenics

AI Helping Semiconductor Manufacturing Services to Thrive

The continuing acceleration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is keeping the manufacturing industry humming along. AI is computer processes that simulate our ability to make decisions, learn and use logic. AI chips utilize lots of power for comprehension data processing. The complex nature of AI chips – which are generally larger in size than thoseRead more

Plastic Tube Bending

Precision Engineering Helping Medical Device Industry Thrive

An increase in demand for smaller, patient-portable machines is one of the key projected growth forecasts for the medical device industry. In the next five years, the global medical device market is expected to build to $409.5 billion, a compound annual growth rate of 4.5% from 2018-2023.Read more