Manual TIG welding at Axenics

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding in Medical Device Manufacturing

Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) is an ideal choice for the manufacturing of medical device components, as GTAW is the highest-purity form of welding, known for its refinement, repeatability and accuracy. Those are all beneficial attributes in the process of medical device manufacturing, where precision is essential. Gas tungsten arc welding is a complex, manualRead more

Medical gas manifold system provides safe, reliable performance

The manufacturing industry is looking at sales of $543.9 billion of medical devices in 2020, according to research from Grace Market Data. With such high demand from manufacturers for quality components, Axenics is continually working on solutions for reliable gas delivery systems. Manifolds are used by medical device manufacturers to move gases or air toRead more

CNC Bending

Pipe Bending Benefits in Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical device manufacturing – specifically medical gas equipment – grows at more than 7% annually, according to Global Market Insights. An expanding and aging population around the world depends on advances in patient monitoring and diagnostic equipment, requiring original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to increase production.Read more

Plastic Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturing Challenges

Diagnostic equipment and instruments for medical device manufacturing remain in high demand for manufacturers in the United States due to the growth of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. The healthcare community requires technology and innovations in an effort to make critical diagnoses as early as possible. Therefore, original equipment manufacturers require sourcedRead more

Cleanroom welding for medical device industry

Medical Device Manufacturing – Welding Services

In recent years, we’ve had a front-row seat and have seen first-hand the growth of the medical device manufacturing. Based on that growth, top-quality, precision welding for medical device manufacturers is one of the primary focuses at Axenics. Advancing medical technologies have led to the demand for challenging, tiny weldments for flow control systems, whichRead more

Tube bending for medical device industry

Why Use Plastic Tubing in Medical Device Manufacturing?

One of the most-exciting times at Axenics is when we get to witness new technology for the medical device industry being born. Portable medical devices is a strong area of projected growth over the coming years. Because we are an end-to-end manufacturer, we often get early looks at innovations in industries, and our precision engineeringRead more

Medical component manufacturing

Choosing the Right Medical Component Manufacturing Company

Medical device manufacturing companies today face a variety of challenges when it comes to meeting product demands in the industry. Each component of the medical devices they produce must meet high standards of quality, dependability and accuracy. Therefore, it’s critical for these companies to choose the right medical component supplier to help them develop theRead more

Medical Devices - Manufacturing

Meeting the Increased Demands of the Medical Device Manufacturing Industry

Market reports for 2016 indicated that the United States is the largest consumer of medical device products, and makes up ~45 percent of the global device market. Demands for innovative medical devices are increasing steadily with the growing aging population, which has a strong need for improved healthcare technology. The medical technology market is expectedRead more