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Download free plastics manufacturing guide

Download free plastics manufacturing guide

​Plastics manufacturing may be a good solution for the transport or mixing of liquids and gases in your production system. There may be a risk of metal components corroding or decaying with the transport of caustic chemicals. In those instances, plastic pipe or tubing...

Semiconductor industry a boon for us in 2021

Semiconductor industry a boon for us in 2021

We’re sure many of you in the semiconductor manufacturing industry are keeping up with the news on the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act, which could soon bring $52 billion to American semiconductor R&D and manufacturing.  It’s an exciting time for Axenics to be...

Contract manufacturing solutions for life science

Contract manufacturing solutions for life science

The United States life science industry is predicted to grow at 8% annually, reaching $427.78 billion by 2027, according to Market Research Future. Axenics supplies critical components to the manufacturers of patient diagnostics and performs contract manufacturing for...

Working with a Contract Manufacturer Outside Your Zip Code

Let us demonstrate how well we’ll work together whether we’re down the street or 3,000 miles away.

Medical gas manifold system provides safe, reliable performance

by Dec 23, 2019Manifolds

The manufacturing industry is looking at sales of $543.9 billion of medical devices in 2020, according to research from Grace Market Data. With such high demand from manufacturers for quality components, Axenics is continually working on solutions for reliable gas delivery systems. Manifolds are used by medical device manufacturers to move gases or air to more than one location during the manufacturing process

Axenics provides these manufacturers with highly-reliable, pure delivery of gas compounds with our gas manifold systems. Our in-house experts have more than 35 years of experience in manifold delivery system production. Manifolds created by Axenics’ experts are custom configurations based on your designs and space requirements. Of note, safety features are a top priority in our gas manifold production.

Manifolds are a preferred method for the assembly of medical gas delivery systems, as they:

  •  Require less space than other delivery systems
  • Are less susceptible to leaking compared to other options
  • Are more cost effective and simpler to install versus alternate flow control systems

Depending on your requirements, we produce medical gas manifolds in both stainless steel and thermoplastics. It may be surprising to some, but thermoplastics is often our recommended solution for medical equipment fabrication customers.

Plastic manifold solutions

Some thermoplastics are more chemically resistant than metals, so we recommend plastic manifolds to transport caustic gases to maintain safety and reliability. Manifolds provide an ongoing supply of gas and chemicals used in various medical equipment productions. Lab accessories, patient-monitor devices, diagnostic instruments and operational machinery also often require high-performance manifolds. Thermoplastic manifolds deliver required results, plus they offer the benefit of better insulation than many metal manifolds.

Other benefits of thermoplastic manifolds include:

  • Plastic manifolds resist thermal degradation and maintain a high operating strength and rigidity in high temperatures
  • There’s minimal out-gassing (gas release within solid material) under vacuum, which helps maintain a sterile environment
  • Plastic manifolds have a strong plasma resistance that reduces the possibility of corrosion
  • Plastic manifolds have a strong resistance to acids, alkalis, greases and solvents, hydrogen peroxide, de-mineralized water and hot steam

Gas manifolds consist of a condensed transportation system designed for chemical filtration and mixing. We use vacuum coupling seal connections to eliminate leaks. The part count is often lower when using a gas manifold system, making the functionality more reliable for a long duration of time. The design of gas manifolds provides easy access for repairs, if needed.

Producing gas manifolds with a leak-tight performance is how Axenics ensures you receive safe, reliable long-lasting chemical delivery systems. We see the ever-changing technology within the medical device manufacturing industry, which is why we’re always training on advanced techniques to ensure our customers receive optimal-performing components and complete delivery systems.

Your next purity solution is here.

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