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Gas Cabinets Essential for Safe Chemical Production

Chemical manufacturers devise solutions for some of the globe’s largest challenges. The production of those solutions involves delivery systems where caustic gases flow throughout subsystems. Gas cabinets or gas boxes often house those subsystems, therefore gas cabinet safety and gas box safety are critical elements of Axenics’ production process. (We use the terms gas cabinetRead more

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Solution Spotlight: Gas Boxes to Speed Your End Results

The demand for high-quality, complete gas delivery systems continues to rise as advancements grow in a variety of industries, such as medical devices, semiconductors and alternative energy.Read more

Gas panel assembly from Axenics

Five Axenics End-to-End Manufactured Components

Working with contract manufacturing companies on projects from inception to completion has several benefits, including a reduction in lead time and an opportunity to be conservative with costs. Having one team from A-Z avoids a product being assembled piecemeal – and can also diminish mistakes that can arise when multiple crews are part of theRead more

Safety Features Designed into a Gas Panel

Original equipment manufacturers around the world utilize a range of gases in their operations. The type of gas that’s used is based on the desired outcome of that specific process, whether it requires combustion, cutting, coating, treatment or a variety of other applications. Once the appropriate gas is selected, manufacturers look for the most efficientRead more

Gas box piping material

Gas Box Piping: How To Determine the Right Pipe Material

A gas box offers immense benefits to OEMs in a range of industries including those in life sciences, medical devices, semiconductors, and alternative energy. It can speed up production by keeping up a steady pressure of application gases flowing to workstations throughout the production floor. The gas box can also speed up changeover capabilities andRead more

Understand the Gas Characteristics to Design the Right Gas Cabinet

Designing gas cabinets to hold cylinders is an effective way of employing a centralized gas delivery system for workers and ensuring an easier way to change out spent cylinders without hampering production. When considering adding, repairing or improving a gas cabinet, manufacturers need to keep in mind the special characteristics of each type of gasRead more

OEM Biomedical Companies Finding Benefits When Investing in Gas Boxes

Working in the life sciences and biomedical industries requires creating the tools needed to perform research and provide healthcare services. Designing medical and biomedical devices require attention to detail and precision to ensure the tools are up to required standards.Read more