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Gas Cabinets Essential for Safe Chemical Production

by Last updated Aug 11, 2020 | Published on Aug 6, 2019Contract Manufacturing

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Chemical manufacturers devise solutions for some of the globe’s largest challenges. The production of those solutions involves delivery systems where caustic gases flow throughout subsystems. Gas cabinets or gas boxes often house those subsystems, therefore gas cabinet safety and gas box safety are critical elements of Axenics’ production process. (We use the terms gas cabinet and gas box interchangeably.) 

Gas leaks are both dangerous and costly. They halt the production process, causing expensive downtime and the product arriving late to market. Original equipment manufacturers seek the most-efficient and effective gas delivery systems for production – and we prove that safety is a primary piece of making your system run effectively.

We’ve got your back no matter where your production lives.

Gas cabinet solutions

Installing a gas cylinder at each of your work stations is a dangerous idea. One leak in a gas storage container or delivery subsystem could cause equipment damage for your entire production line. Instead, consider gas cabinets as a solution. They provide a centralized location for gas cylinders and regulators, as pipelines flow gases to output locations throughout your subsystems. A centralized gas system provides optimal control over gas output, rate and pressure, reducing the chance of dangerous leaks.

With a centralized gas cabinet system, gas cylinders can be fully used, cylinder changes are convenient, and production runs smoother with fewer interruptions. For example, if the main gas cylinder supply runs low and drops below a specified PSI setting, reserve cylinders are accessed through the regulator. Axenics’ team of experts regularly produces end-to-end gas box delivery systems, customized to your specifications. The design, engineering, assembly and testing steps happens in-house, and your gas cabinet arrives to you ready for installation.

Gas cabinet safety features

  • Flash arrestors are important for acetylene gas and hydrogen delivery systems. Flash arrestors prevent potential flames inside the system from moving into the gas cylinder.
  • Check valves prevent the backflow of gas from entering the delivery system and filling up inside the gas box. They also prevent gases from entering other subsystems, which occurs if one gas has a higher set pressure than another gas cylinder connected to the same system.
  • Gas panel access windows offer protection to your team. Gases used in chemical manufacturing, for example, are highly reactive and toxic. Access windows give your team a way to control the valves without impacting the exhaust system in the gas cabinet.
  • Sprinkler heads release a water pressure with a minimum of 25 pounds per square inch to assist with flammable gases that catch fire when attached to the piping system.
  • Alarm panels installed in the gas cabinet production area alert you when there is a problem such as high system pressure, high pressure loss or when the purifiers are at a lower capacity.
  • We also recommend a gas monitoring system to protect your team from toxic or flammable gases that may build up in the enclosed room.

In addition to manufacturing and delivering end-to-end gas cabinet or gas box delivery systems, Axenics’ experts can also inspect your existing systems for potential problem or failure areas. Then, we’ll devise solutions to minimize potential leaks or slowing of your operations. Protecting your team and environment from the dangers of toxic gases is a primary focus for Axenics.

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We’ve got your back no matter where your production lives.

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