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Gas box aka gas cabinet

by Last updated Aug 2, 2023 | Published on Feb 23, 2022Component Manufacturing

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The demand for high-quality, complete gas delivery systems continues to rise as advancements grow in a variety of industries, such as life sciences, medical device manufacturing, semiconductors and alternative energy. Axenics uses the terms gas box and gas cabinet interchangeably.

Gas boxes offer your team a centralized location for gas cylinders and regulators, as pipelines push gasses to output locations throughout multiple workstations. A centralized gas system offers better control over the gas output, rate and pressure.

Gas boxes deliver uninterrupted supplies

Axenics partners with different tiers of manufacturers on custom designed, engineered and manufactured gas boxes. When the main gas cylinder supply runs low and drops below a specified PSI setting, the reserve cylinders are accessed through the regulator, so technicians can continue working uninterrupted.

Multiple gas box types available

Each manufacturing operation has different gas supply needs, requiring a system that offers multiple types of gas control. Axenics creates customized gas boxes that align to your exact specifications. There are several different gas box systems you can select:

Manual switchover

Multiple cylinders are placed into the manifold with an outlet that has a pressure-reducing regulator. These systems require constant monitoring to switch out used cylinders.

Primary/secondary reserve switchover

A main bank of cylinders operates with a secondary bank of cylinders in reserve. Each bank feeds into the line as the main cylinder reserve is normally set at a higher PSI than the secondary reserve. When gas delivery supply drops below the set PSI, the secondary reserve cylinders begin feeding the system and the depleted cylinders from the main bank can be replaced.

Fully automatic switchover

These switchover systems are more automated; the manifold uses pressure sensors to monitor the gas supply until it reaches a predetermined pressure setting. Then the system will close off the main supply bank regulator and use the reserve bank.

Semi-automatic switchover

Some semi-automatic systems can be set with two pressure settings for the main supply bank, a high setting (such as 300 psi) and a lower setting of 100 psi, allowing for the adjustment of flow control and continuous gas supply without interruption. 

Monitoring gas supply

As operations grow, gas needs increase. Our gas box delivery systems help production teams more accurately  track their consumption. They can monitor the number of cylinder change-outs based on the application. Then they can rent the appropriate number of cylinders as well as determine other cost-effective ways to perform certain welding applications.

Gas boxes allow multiple technicians to use the same gas supply, enabling you to more efficiently consume a single gas cylinder at a time without having half-full canisters scattered throughout the facility. Companies can also reduce safety hazards with fewer cylinders scattered around the facility since canisters can be stored in a single location.

Gas box solutions

Axenics will provide a gas delivery system designed, engineered, assembled to meet your exact specifications and tested by our team of experts. Once it arrives, the gas box is ready for installation. There are benefits to having us create a complete gas box solution for your production floor.

Saving money and getting to market quicker

Some manufacturers choose to rent gas cylinders, but rental prices rise over time. Plus, you’re at the mercy of the rental facility, potentially losing money while waiting for the empty gas cylinders to be replaced.

Gas boxes manufactured by Axenics provide an efficient way to deliver gas through your systems. Implementing an in-house system means gas cylinder changes are convenient and won’t disrupt workflow on your production floor. With in-house engineering and design experts, we will help you determine the right type of gas delivery system based on your goals.

If your operation is growing, you’re likely already aware that adding components one at a time results in stretching completion dates. Rather than purchase and install gas box components piecemeal, let us assemble a full gas box system to meet your current – and upcoming – needs.

We stock many common parts and fittings for gas boxes, and our strong relationships with vendors allows us to build a gas system at a reasonable cost to you, no matter what components are necessary. 

Cross training for expert and safe results

Our employees are cross trained for every aspect of a gas box build:

Gas box safety features

  • Flash arrestors are important for acetylene gas and hydrogen delivery systems. Flash arrestors prevent potential flames inside the system from moving into the gas cylinder.
  • Check valves prevent the backflow of gas from entering the delivery system and filling up inside the gas box. They also prevent gasses from entering other subsystems, which occurs if one gas has a higher set pressure than another gas cylinder connected to the same system.
  • Gas panel access windows offer protection to your team. Gasses used in chemical manufacturing, for example, are highly reactive and toxic. Access windows give your team a way to control the valves without impacting the exhaust system in the gas cabinet.
  • Sprinkler heads release a water pressure with a minimum of 25 psi to assist with any flammable gasses that catch fire when attached to the piping system.
  • Alarm panels installed in the gas cabinet production area alert you when there is a problem such as high system pressure, high pressure loss or when the purifiers are at a lower capacity.

We also recommend a gas monitoring system to protect your team from toxic or flammable gasses that may build up in the enclosed room. We can assemble this system for you.

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to installing a gas box system. You can be assured that the product we deliver to you meets or surpasses every safety guideline.

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