Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing in sluggish and prosperous times

Our lean manufacturing practices come in very handy when there’s a shift in the speed of business. Fortunately, the new year sees a burst of growth continuing, specifically with component manufacturing for the semiconductor industry. Since late summer, we’ve been busy with new projects that look to carry on at least through the first quarterRead more

What is the difference between assembly and manufacturing?

Some people think that assembly and manufacturing are the same thing. It’s a common misconception. At Axenics, we perform both assembly and manufacturing, but there is a clear difference between the disciplines.Read more

What is Lean Manufacturing Training?

After 35-plus years, everyone on team Axenics appreciates and improves by continued guidance. What is lean manufacturing training? Answer: Continuing education on a variety of aspects in an ever-changing environment. We live by this and encourage our partners and vendors to do the same.Read more

Using CNC bender technology

How Does Lean Manufacturing Work?

Maximizing production plus minimizing waste equals higher profits – this is the lean manufacturing equation in a nutshell. Easier said than done, right? Not really. If you strategize an approach across the board for lean assembly manufacturing, it catches on from your production floor and sometimes even spreads to your vendors and customers.Read more

TIG welding at Axenics

Education is Key in Contract Manufacturing Services Growth

Axenics has been fortunate to experience continued growth over the last 35 years — 2019 marks that milestone for us. In trying to nail down what keeps our contract manufacturing services strong, all signs point to education. We’ve seen significant long-term value for us and for our customers by cross-training our team members for everyRead more

Axenics employee earns six sigma yellow belt

Axenics’ Nelson Hernandez Attains Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Axenics’ Nelson Hernandez was recently certified with a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. Six Sigma is a collection of management procedures designed to boost a business’ productivity by vastly reducing the chance that errors or defects will happen. In a lean manufacturing environment, like Axenics, Six Sigma is utilized to lower the risk of mistakesRead more

CNC Pipe bending

Component Manufacturing Done Lean For A Super-Fast Turnaround

These days, everyone craves completion quickly when it comes to component manufacturing. They also expect high-quality results. We get it. That’s why Axenics has set into place ideals and ways of operating to save time and money for everyone involved. It’s worked for the prior 30+ years and will continue to work for the nextRead more

JIT manufacturing

Employing Supply Chain Control Methods to Increase Efficiency

No matter which sector of the manufacturing industry your company falls into, the terms Kanban and Just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing are likely familiar to you. These methods are two of the most common methods used in lean manufacturing, where minimizing waste, and lowering costs are the ultimate goals.Read more

Lean Manufacturing

What is Lean Manufacturing

When it comes to running a successful manufacturing operation, it is important for owners and managers to constantly be striving to improve operations, lower costs, and increase overall efficiency and productivity levels. While there are a variety of ways to achieve these goals, there is one philosophy which often results in a powerful, positive, andRead more