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What is Lean Manufacturing Training?

by Last updated Aug 11, 2020 | Published on Oct 29, 2019Contract Manufacturing

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After 35-plus years, everyone on team Axenics appreciates and improves by continued guidance. What is lean manufacturing training? Answer: Continuing education on a variety of aspects in an ever-changing environment. We live by this and encourage our partners and vendors to do the same.

Open workflow enables everyone to collaborate on improvement

The way Axenics empowers our team is a differentiator: everyone is cross trained to make sure we constantly provide top-tier service to every customer and partner. We consistently add to our vast knowledge of industry specifications, qualifications and advanced skills, resulting in a current quality rating of 99.7%. Quality and professionalism reflect that rating, not being the cheapest and the fastest, though our lean approaches mean we are frequently the most affordable choice with the quickest turnaround.

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There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to manufacturing components for advancing and emerging industries, therefore ongoing learning is a must for everyone. Cross training every member of the team has a positive impact on lowering production costs and keeping morale high. Technicians weld, do assembly, perform leak testing, mark parts – anything that comes up, they’re ready for it.

We listen to and act on opinions and suggestions from everyone on the team. Many lean manufacturing approaches and tactics come directly from team ideas. Continuing education is one of those concepts that offers many rewards. Our more experienced technicians take a leadership approach when guiding some of the “greener” members of the team. For example, senior welder Brian Thessen takes new welders under his wing, sharing his 25-year-plus experience with them with instruction and hands-on exercises. Brian also teaches welding outside the company. We strongly encourage regular growth and education in all facets of our manufacturing.

Helping you get leaner, too

Having great relationships with vendors is an important component of lean manufacturing. We keep many common fittings on hand that are handy across multiple industries in an effort to improve lead times for all customers. This also helps keep inventory at a competitive price level – savings we share with partners.

Reach success with your next project by outsourcing with a lean manufacturing partner with decades of experience. A cross-trained, always-advancing team will take on multiple manufacturing tasks for you, from design expertise to testing to completed components to shipping end products. With this approach, you erase the concerns about training for new skills or purchasing additional expensive machinery. Focus your energies where they matter most: sales and marketing tactics to improve the bottom line.

Keep producing in leaner times

After months of articles and talk on tariffs negatively impacting the manufacturing sector, we finally felt it this summer. Our experience is decreasing orders from some longtime clients but sizable increases from others. Our lean manufacturing training came in handy with this shift. With in-house cross-training, we easily shift roles on the production floor, dependent on current needs. When one task is complete, our team members have the expertise to shift to the next.

This practice keeps headcount down, reduces overhead and maintains quality—and in leaner times, it also means no one stays concerned about layoffs. Our team is nimble, happy and hungry. Axenics’ lean manufacturing approach ensures we complete your projects efficiently and also to the top degree of quality.

Working With A Manufacturer Outside Your Zipcode

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