Axenics Plastics Assembly

What Is Pipe Welding?

 Pipe welding is a technique that joins two units as opposed to syncing them with bulky or expensive fittings. Our experience is that pipe welding produces a stronger end product that will stand up through time and use, whether the pipe is used to transport gases, chemicals or water.Read more

Cleanroom welding for medical device industry

Medical Device Manufacturing – Welding Services

In recent years, we’ve had a front-row seat and have seen first-hand the growth of the medical device manufacturing. Based on that growth, top-quality, precision welding for medical device manufacturers is one of the primary focuses at Axenics. Advancing medical technologies have led to the demand for challenging, tiny weldments for flow control systems, whichRead more

Plastics welding

What is Plastics Welding?

Plastics welding is a means to create a molecular bond between two compatible thermoplastics. Plastics welding provides first-rate strength and finished welds are long-lasting, meaning any required replacements and/or repairs will occur way down the line. One way plastic welds prove superior to steel weldments is that chemicals can corrode and contaminate metal, severely decreasingRead more

Plastic welding

9 Frequently Asked Questions About Plastics Welding

Many people automatically think of metal when the topic of welding is introduced, but plastics welding is actually commonplace. This is the recommended solution for our clients in industries such as medical devices, life sciences and semiconductors. Because plastics are generally lighter in weight than many metals, pipe welding can be a faster and simpler fabricationRead more