Gas box assembly, contract manufacturing

5 Must Ask Questions To Boost Output with Assembly Services

How can I boost my output with assembly services? Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) face a glut of challenges producing components for industries that work with hazardous chemicals and gases, due to their volatile nature. Chemical manufacturers and leaders in alternative energy partner with providers of top-quality contract assembly services to boost output and save moneyRead more

Axenics employee earns six sigma yellow belt

Axenics’ Nelson Hernandez Attains Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Axenics’ Nelson Hernandez was recently certified with a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. Six Sigma is a collection of management procedures designed to boost a business’ productivity by vastly reducing the chance that errors or defects will happen. In a lean manufacturing environment, like Axenics, Six Sigma is utilized to lower the risk of mistakesRead more