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5 Must Ask Questions To Boost Output with Assembly Services

by Last updated Apr 18, 2024 | Published on Sep 3, 2019Contract Manufacturing

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How can I boost my output with assembly services?

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) face a glut of challenges producing components for industries that work with hazardous chemicals and gases, due to their volatile nature. Chemical manufacturers and leaders in alternative energy partner with providers of top-quality contract assembly services to boost output and save money on training. 

Choosing the right contract assembly partner to help develop the best delivery systems and assemblies to meet demands is challenging. Axenics provides a number of assembly services that we’ve perfected over more than 35 years. Here are the questions you must ask to determine if a contract assembly partner can meet your needs.

Do they have a variety of welding capabilities?

The right assembly partner will specialize in welding different types of components specifically for your industry. We provide custom component welding services for companies that specialize in the transport of potentially dangerous liquids and gases. We have expertise in welding both metals and thermoplastics, which we help you choose depending on the type of chemicals you use. Plus, we offer cleanroom manufacturing services where required.

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Do they offer plastic tube bending?

Our team uses a proprietary method for bending polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE/FPA) resulting in zero flaws, including kinks. Plastic tube bending is a great solution for delivery systems where space is limited or a specific shape is required. Consider bending as an alternative to welding, as bending reduces the need for joints and fittings within an overall assembly. The benefits of plastic tube bending include savings in cost, space and time. Working with a proven outsource partner means you don’t spend your resources on training.

Do they leverage gas cabinets to speed up production?

Gas cabinets are ideal for a wide variety of production systems. A gas cabinet, for example, offers immense time-saving benefits to OEMs in alternative energy. Gas boxes speed up production by keeping up a steady pressure of application gases flowing to workstations throughout the production floor. The gas box also speeds changeover capabilities and allow workers to better control gas pressure.

When looking at your outsourcing options, it’s important to ask the right questions and do some research to confirm that the business relationship is a good fit. There are a variety of factors to consider before deciding to work with a component supplier. Other questions for assembly services partners include:

Are their facilities sufficient?

When outsourcing, one of the most important things to consider is facility space. Does the manufacturer have enough facility space to meet production demands now and in the future? Are the facilities well-managed? With a smaller production floor and/or inefficient operations, your lead times increase, and you may not meet market demands by deadline. Tour facilities before making a final decision to gain clarity of how big the facility is, how it runs and how the business operates as a whole.

Are they savvy about technology?

Market leading assembly services partners utilize a variety of advanced equipment and technology to meet customer needs. With advances in technology changing constantly, suppliers have to be able to keep up with innovation and production. Ask about a potential partner’s existing equipment and technology, as well as any plans to procure newer, more advanced models in the near future. An outsource partner may not achieve the necessary standards of quality and accuracy that the industry demands with outdated equipment and a resistance to changing technology. If that partner isn’t willing to continually invest in innovative and state-of-the-art equipment and technology, they’ll have trouble solving modern industry challenges. It’s important to consider not just whether they’re the right choice now, but for the long term as well.

Are they flexible?

One thing that manufacturers don’t always take into consideration is the degree to which the potential partner is willing and able to provide flexible and customized solutions to industry challenges. Not all solutions are simple and straightforward. Top companies in the fields of alternative energy and chemical manufacturing rely on advancing technology to maintain – or improve – their standing. Every product that leaves the production floor must meet premier standards of quality, dependability and accuracy.

We know there are a lot of assembly services partners out there to choose from, and determining which one will make the best business partner can be time-consuming. You’re invited to tour our production facilities to see our experts in action and view how we perform high-purity, clean weldments; bend tubes; and produce end-to-end production systems. The true difference is in the people; their experience and expertise.

What to look for in an assembly partner

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