Four reasons why you should evaluate contract manufacturing services on value vs. cost

If you’re considering working with a contract manufacturing company, it’s important to analyze a variety of factors before making a choice. Above all else, your choice should ultimately be about much more than the cost of the services. It should also be (and maybe even more so) about the value of the services being provided.Read more

Axenics Receives ISO 9001-2015 Certificate of Registration for Contract Manufacturing Services

Axenics is pleased to announce that we have achieved the updated certification of our Quality Management System to ISO 9001-2015. We have been ISO 9001 certified for more than 18 years, with our initial certification occurring in April 1999. On May 18, 2017, Axenics received an official certificate for the assessment and approval by NationalRead more

Addressing Common Misconceptions About Contract Manufacturing Services

While we believe the benefits of contract manufacturing far outweigh any possible disadvantages, we wanted to directly address some common misconceptions about contract manufacturing services and to discuss ways to reduce or eliminate the associated risks.Read more

Contract Manufacturing Partnership

What to Ask Before Partnering with a Contract Manufacturing Company

If you’re considering partnering with a contract manufacturing company, there are several questions you should ask before you make a final decision. Contract manufacturing companies can vary in many ways, from operating procedures, to hiring practices, to communications processes, to customer service commitments, and beyond.Read more

Understanding Contract Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, the term contract manufacturing is often used as another word for outsourcing. While it provides a variety of benefits for businesses across a wide range of industries, there are many misconceptions about what contracting manufacturing/outsourcing is. We’ll walk you through what contract manufacturing is (which is what we do), and explainRead more