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Cultivating Camaraderie On the Contract Manufacturing Floor

by Last updated Nov 29, 2020 | Published on Oct 9, 2018Contract Manufacturing

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At Axenics, we take our manufacturing work extremely seriously, and our 30+ years of high-quality work displays this. That said, there is always room for a little fun and frivolity on the floor at a contract manufacturing plant.

Last week, we promoted a “wild shirt” day with the team, encouraging everyone to dig out their craziest, work-appropriate shirts. It was loads of fun seeing what the team members had in the back of their closets, and it was an opportunity to build on the existing camaraderie within the staff.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into work that morning, and I ended up smiling and chuckling all day,” Dan Reynolds, General Manager for Axenics, said. “I pulled out one of my favorite weekends-only shirts. It’s Hawaiian-style and has a Jimmy Buffett vibe.”

One of the things we’re most proud of at Axenics is the cross-training experience all team members receive. We find it to be very beneficial to the team members, as they’re always acquiring new skills, plus it offers a benefit to our customers because we consistently have back-up support for all of our contract manufacturing projects.

Getting everyone together to check out each other’s shirts was a fantastic way to encourage some getting-to-know-you-better-time for the team, that wasn’t revolved around training. There were some neat shirts on display, including:

  • A vintage Prince “Purple Rain” T-shirt
  • A MTV Beavis and Butt-Head shirt, also vintage
  • A colorful button-up shirt, covered in fish
  • A Hawaiian-style shirt with various tortoises of different sizes
  • A 1970s-style, long-sleeved shirt that looked like something Sonny Bono owned
  • A T-shirt with the saying “Meat Sweat” emblazoned on it
  • A Please Cancel My Subscription to Your Issues catchphrase tee
  • A wild Jaws-style shark T-shirt
  • A shirt with a gigantic image of a tiger
  • A parrot shirt that looked like it came directly from Margaritaville

As stated above, as contract manufacturers, nothing is more important to us at Axenics than creating a top-notch finished product of components. We also know that our team members spend a lot of time at work. One of the ways to ensure a lean manufacturing facility is successful is to keep the team happy and to let the staff members know how much they are appreciated.

Here are a few ways we try to do just that:

  • We offer a boot allowance for those working on the manufacturing floor.
  • Free snacks are available when you need an extra burst of energy.
  • Everyone is encouraged to offer their opinions and ideas at regular meetings.
  • Pizza parties are another way we take some time to get to know each other outside of training.

Axenics is all about a culture of inclusion, learning and advancement – with some entertainment tossed in from time to time. Here’s to hoping Wild Shirt Day becomes an annual tradition here at Axenics!

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