Plastic Tube Bending

Getting Leaner with Tube Bending & Fabrication

Since installing our Horn Metric TBRE Hybrid CNC Bender a couple years ago, we have seen its usefulness increase tenfold. It is one of the most-consistently used pieces of machinery at Axenics. With that said, the CNC bender only works with metals, and we are encouraging our clients to consider plastic tube bending as anotherRead more

Reorganize The Equipment in Your Workspace with Tube Bending Capabilities

As technologies advance, OEM companies are investing in newer pieces of equipment that can help speed up their production runs, increase productivity, and provide cost solutions to their operations. Yet connecting new equipment into legacy component systems and existing workplace spaces can be a trying task. Connecting tubes and pipes that transport gas, liquid, waterRead more

Plastics welding

Solving Complex Problems with Plastic Tube Welding and Bending

Plastic components are frequently used in applications where metal components could corrode or decay due to the gas or liquids being transported. We see this often in the medical device, chemical manufacturing, semiconductor, and life sciences industries. Companies in each of these industries face complex challenges that can be solved by plastic tube bending andRead more

Plastic welding

Manufacturing Plastics: Plastic Tube Welding, Bending and Specialty Piping Kits

While there are options for contract manufacturing companies offering quality manufacturing services for metals, there are fewer who can provide the same level of quality and experience when it comes to plastic manufacturing services.  Though metal manufacturing services are highly valuable and critical to every manufacturing sector, there are a variety of benefits that plasticRead more