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How much does welding cost?

How much does welding cost?

We’re often asked “How much does welding cost” with regards to component manufacturing. There are several considerations that account for the cost of welding services, and it makes good business sense to do your due diligence when investing in outsourced welding...

Meeting the demands of a white-hot semiconductor industry

Meeting the demands of a white-hot semiconductor industry

​The semiconductor industry is arguably the hottest topic in global manufacturing today. While news persists that the supply isn’t meeting the demand - with President Biden signing an executive order in February to improve the supply chain for the U.S. - we’re feeling...

Axenics’ plastic welding expertise on display in Welding Journal

Axenics’ plastic welding expertise on display in Welding Journal

​The demand for plastic welding services grows along with the white-hot demand for semiconductor manufacturing. Plastic welding is a specialty of Axenics’ welding experts, and their techniques are profiled in a new article in the March 2021 issue of Welding Journal...

Working with a Contract Manufacturer Outside Your Zip Code
We’re a good partner for you even when we’re socially distanced. Let us demonstrate how well we’ll work together whether we’re down the street or 3,000 miles away.

Contract Manufacturing: A Solution for a Variety of Industries

by Jun 20, 2017Contract Manufacturing

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of contract manufacturing services, and how working with a contract manufacturer can provide significant advantages to your organization. Contract manufacturing provides solutions for a variety of industries, as it helps organizations to meet market demands, provide better quality products, lower costs, and more.

Whether it’s the design, development and/or production of simple components, the fabrication of unique, and complex assemblies, or engineering and design support, there is likely to be a contract manufacturing solution to meet your organization’s needs.

Types of Contract Manufacturing Services

Contract manufacturing services can vary by industry and project, with some of the most common types of services that Axenics provides being: manual and CNC tube bending, orbital and TIG welding for metals, plastic tube welding, tube brazing, metal and plastic tube cutting, development of specialty piping kits and complex assemblies, component manufacturing, engineering and design services, and more.

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Industries Served

Some of the most common industries that we serve rely on contract manufacturing as an integral part of their business operations. These industries include: aerospace, defense, technology, semiconductor, alternative energy, medical device/life sciences, chemical, food manufacturing, personal care, and automotive.

Though each industry has its own set of standards, regulations, challenges and goals, contract manufacturing services can be customized to meet the needs and requirements of each sector. We’ll talk about just a few of the industries that Axenics often works with, and the specific solutions that contract manufacturing can provide to each.

Medical Device

Medical Device Manufacturing

In the medical manufacturing industry, plastic materials are often used in the products manufactured. By working with a contract manufacturing company with experience in medical device manufacturing, and particularly in working with plastics manufacturing, you can ensure that components are designed and produced with a high level of quality, and often at higher volumes, and lower costs.

Some of the most common medical device contract manufacturing services include: specialty piping kits, precision and CNC tube bending, tube cutting, tube assemblies, stainless steel manifolds, TIG and orbital welding, specialized gas systems, and more. Some specific applications for which medical device contract manufacturing can provide solutions include: laser medical devices, artificial heart components, medical testing equipment, and clean room packaging and manufacturing for all products.


Semiconductor Manufacturing

When working with a contract manufacturer to create components and build complex assemblies for the semiconductor manufacturing industry, it’s important that the organization be appropriately certified, such as with the latest ISO9001/2015 certification. Contract manufacturing services we commonly provide to the semiconductor industry include: weldments, gas and chemical delivery systems, tubing kits, tube bending, vacuum manifolds, turn-key assembly services, and more.

Contract manufacturing companies can not only manufacture semiconductor solutions, but they often also offer testing for gas delivery systems. In addition, we also offer services including the engineering, design, and manufacturing for high purity piping solutions for flammable, corrosive, and toxic hazardous gas delivery systems.

Axenics has a long history of providing manufacturing services for equipment that builds computer chips, and has become a trusted provider of services for this sector. We understand the importance of producing particle-free systems, as any contamination could destroy a system.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences Manufacturing

When it comes to the life sciences manufacturing industry, some of the most common contract manufacturing services we provide include: tube bending, specialty tubing kits, specialty gas panels and boxes, tube cutting, and electromechanical assemblies. A couple of specific examples of life sciences manufacturing applications include anesthesia units for medical testing and gas systems for imaging systems, among others.

When manufacturing components and entire systems for the life sciences industry, it is crucial to ensure that all systems are free of oils and contaminates. It is therefore imperative that the contract manufacturing company you work with is experienced in clean-room manufacturing for the life sciences industry.


Contract manufacturing provides a wide range of solutions to an array of industries, and organizations of all sizes. The three listed above are just some of the industries and scenarios which can benefit. From individual component manufacturing, to full-service, high-volume contract manufacturing services, every industry can benefit from working with a contract manufacturing company.

We’re a good partner even when we’re socially distanced.

Let us demonstrate how we’ll work together whether we’re down the street or 3,000 miles away.

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Working with a manufacturer outside your zipcode

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