Axenics offers a variety of testing services to ensure the integrity of both metal and plastic welds. As part of our standard services, Axenics tests all of the work that we do in our facility, in addition to offering testing based on customer requests, in which case we test to client specifications. The following is a summary of testing services provided:

Pressure Testing

Axenics performs pressure testing in order to validate the integrity of a weldment. The weldment is subjected to pressure to determine what level of pressure it can withstand, and whether the joints will hold at the level of pressure they are designed for.

Vacuum Testing

Axenics also offers vacuum testing to check the integrity of a weldment. The vacuum test is similar to the pressure test, but instead of applying pressure, a vacuum is created, the item is then tested for leaks. Helium leak testing also offered by Axenics, and is one of the best ways to test weld integrity.

Hi Pot Electrical Testing

A Hi Pot test is a specific electrical test done to ensure a product is properly grounded. Axenics is certified to perform Hi Pot electrical testing.

Pull Testing

Pull testing is used to determine the strength of a weld. The test involves physically pulling joined materials apart, and measuring at which point, in pounds per square inch, the weld separates.

X-Ray Testing

X-ray testing is used to determine if there are voids or cracks in a weld, and to measure the overall strength of a weld.

Angle finder for testing
Axenics performs helium leak testing

Helium Leak Testing

Axenics is certified to perform helium leak testing. Learn more about our helium leak testing services.


Hydro Testing

Axenics is DOT-approved to perform hydrostatic testing. Learn more about our hydrostatic testing services.

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