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Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

Axenics provides design for manufacturing and assembly and employs a team of design experts who specialize in helping clients across a wide range of industries turn an intangible idea into a finished product. Customers typically come to us with a sketch of what they are looking to build, and we take these existing plans, design a prototype, and build a complete system.

Our 5 Step Design Process

Axenics uses a Phase Gate design methodology in order to ensure the delivery of top quality services to our customers. Phase Gate design is a rigorous approach consisting of five phases that flow from concept development to production. A high level outline of our design process is as follows:

1. Concept Development

Our design services begin with a series of initial design consultation meetings, where Axenics works closely with clients to understand their needs and performance requirements.

2. Design Feasibility

The next phase involves analyzing the design and establishing a manufacturing process that can efficiently execute the final concept. Our engineers, designers and prototype technicians collaborate and work closely with our clients to develop successful solutions to achieve our clients’ goals.

3. Design Verification

Phase 3 focuses on ensuring that the design meets the initial requirements, specifications and regulations initially identified in Phase 1.

4. Design Validation

In this phase, our design experts work to ensure that the final design will meet the needs of the customer, given its specific variations in components, materials, manufacturing, and the environment it will be used in.

5. Production

Once the prototype has been developed and the most efficient method of assembly has been identified, a manual is created and the appropriate staff is trained accordingly. The design then moves to our manufacturing facility, where the production and assembly takes place.

Quality and Support

Axenics is committed to providing the highest quality of products and services to each of our customers.

All products are quality tested before leaving the facility. Once the finished product is completed, we hand it off to our clients with a manual and a full support team for assistance.

Axenics Design For Manufacturing And Assembly

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