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Component Manufacturing Allows Chemical Manufacturers to Maximize Workplace Operations

by Dec 19, 2017Industries

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For chemical industry OEMs, products are always on the move throughout their operations. Chemicals are being heated, cooled, pressurized, depressurized, vaporized, and processed in a range of different systems to create the desired end product. Such systems can become vast, taking up large amounts of industrial space, with tubes and pipes carrying the chemicals to different work stations during the process.

Unfortunately, such large systems can be inefficient when they include long runs of straight pipes and tubes transporting liquids and gasses to and between various processes. Space can also become limited in existing factories when trying to upgrade or install additional equipment. Thus, engineers are forced to design complex assemblies that can provide more efficient work output without being detrimental to the available space. Yet to utilize complex assemblies, the following services must be available to ensure the processes are well-maintained and functioning properly:  reliable component manufacturing; high purity pipe welding; and leak testing services.

Chemical Manufacturing Services Designed to Specifications

Axenics works with chemical industry OEMs to provide reliable and efficient component manufacturing solutions that fit to current and scale with future operations. We design high purity weldments, chemical delivery systems, helium leak testing services and specialty piping kits that can be implemented throughout your processes.

Moving gas and liquid in tight spaces? Gas/Chemical Delivery Systems

Complex gas, chemical and tube assembly systems are necessary functions in the chemical industry. OEMs require skilled engineers who can understand your specifications and develop handling systems that tie in seamlessly with existing machinery, while offering cost-efficient and highly productive operations. At Axenics, we provide chemical manufacturing services such as gas handling delivery systems and chemical handling delivery systems. Our gas box and gas panel sub-assemblies fit seamlessly into your operation, sized to fit into the available floor space.

Transporting Chemicals with Efficiency and Quality? High Purity Welding and Specialty Piping Kits

Pipes and tubes are essential to chemical industry OEM processes. Liquids and gasses must be transported through the manufacturing operation before being shipped to their final destinations.

The transmission of chemicals during high workflow periods can significantly damage poor-quality welds and cause particles to break off inside the tubes. If contaminants enter systems through bad welds, the entire production process shuts down as deadlines can be missed – in addition to generating huge amounts of chemical waste.

High purity welding services are valuable for chemical industry OEMs who simply don’t have the time, expertise or working environment to perform their own tube and pipe welding in-house. Axenics  provides valves, fittings, joints and regulators that can be used in specific configurations most suited to your manufacturing endeavors. Our high purity welding is performed in a Class 100 cleanroom by expert welders to limit contaminants and ensure a quality bead weld that is strong, secure and clean.

In addition to custom welding jobs, we make obtaining tube bending, cutting, and welding services more efficient by providing specialty piping kits. These kits are made to your company’s specifications and can be ordered via a single part number. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to have the specialty piping kit ready for delivery to meet your deadlines.

Minimizing Contaminants and Leak Issues in Storage Containers? Helium Testing and Cleanrooms

While trying to maximize workplace operations, you can’t skimp on workplace safety or maintenance of component systems. One leak in a chemical storage container, or contaminants in a welded tube, could cause equipment issues and spillage.

At Axenics, we provide helium testing of storage containers, metal pipes and plastic tubes to check for the smallest of leaks. In addition, we perform tube bending and welding in a Class 100 Cleanroom when required. By following the most comprehensive testing and contaminant-control standards, we ensure that our component manufacturing services are functional, of the highest quality, and ready to scale to meet your operational requirements. By maintaining a clean room and testing lab at our facilities, you can focus on optimizing the chemical manufacturing processes in your facility.

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