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Manifolds – Simple to Complex

Axenics has 30-plus years of expertise in producing a variety of stainless steel and plastic manifolds to meet the needs and specifications of our customers’ projects. Our certified team is expertly trained on all manifold operations performed, ensuring that proper techniques are followed to avoid manifold deformities.

Simple and complex manifolds are created in-house, ranging from zero bends to multiple bends and end fittings. On a daily basis, we produce manifolds in a variety of materials, including metals, such as stainless steel, as well as plastics – all dependent on your processes and project requirements. This practice ensures the manifold devices we deliver will meet all regulatory compliance standards.

Manifold assemblies present a central location for connecting multiple valves within a system. The manifolds we create for our customers are generally made up of valves, solenoids, pneumatics or flow restrictors. Manifolds are typically utilized in the transportation of liquids, chemicals, gases or air, distributing them to one location or multiple places.

Manifolds may also be used to combine various materials, such as mixing different chemicals. They are used in a wide range of industrial applications, such as medical devices, semiconductors, and life sciences, to name a few. The design and fabrication of manifolds can vary greatly depending on their usage.

Benefits for using manifolds in complex assembly

  • Cost savings with assembly and installation
  • Smaller space requirements
  • Fewer leaks
Axenics Employee Working On Manifold

Manifold solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers

There are some OEMs that do not currently have the in-house capabilities or team to produce the right manifold solutions. We can advise on and create manifold solutions that are appropriate for your operations. Our team will help calculate flow ratios based on the materials that will pass through system. Then, we build the manifold devices and test all of them prior to shipment to ensure top-quality components.

Axenics’ proven processes eliminate the possibility of undesirable welding deformities. Only the highest-quality manifolds are produced. Your quality specifications and required criteria are a top priority when we are producing manifold solutions for your complex assemblies.

The advancement of manifold systems typically includes component manufacturing techniques such as pipe cutting, welding and precision tube bending as well as expert assembly, which are all achieved by Axenics’ experienced, cross-trained technicians and welders.

In addition, we can also supply components that will allow you to repair and replace old manifold devices when they reach the end of the life cycles. These tubing kits are designed to meet your specifications.


Tackling Issues when Creating Manifolds

While manifolds can be an ideal solution in complex assemblies, there are several issues that can arise during the manifold manufacturing process. A manifold system might include an array of valves, solenoids or pneumatic devices.

If any of these devices are not welded correctly onto the manifold system, they could produce an uneven flow that doesn’t meet the process requirements. This could limit the movement of gases, liquids and other materials through pipes at the required rate or pressure. Also, an inferior weld could potentially block a pipe by creating a drop-through, where the surface sags or creates an undesired irregularity.

With an uneven flow rate, manufacturing processes could be slowed down or or have to be stopped unexpectedly. Workers might not be able to finish creating products. In addition, the pressure could build to a dangerously high level capable of damaging equipment or causing an accident. Another problem that can occur is that end products result in poor quality or are defective, leaving the manufacturer to deal with inventory waste, lost productivity or missed deadlines.

You need reliable, safe and long-lasting components, and we’re ready to deliver.
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