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Metals Welding & Cutting Services

The demand for expert metals welding services is at an all-time high, and our certified specialists are prepared to deliver your next project with precision. Quality should be a priority when selecting contract metal services. Rest assured, our team, with over three decades of experience, is equipped to provide a range of exceptional industrial applications.

At Axenics, our technicians specialize in metals welding, including orbital and TIG welding—both recognized for their high-purity results. We perform these services in a cleanroom environment to ensure that each weld is not only strong but also clean, guaranteeing that the final product is free of contaminants.

Metals Welding With A Tig Welder

Orbital welding produces high quality, consistent welds for your projects where a large quantity of the same weld is required. It’s a clean, efficient process. Instead of using a team of welders, typically one technician programs the machinery to perform the repeated welds. This makes it an affordable option for you, too, as labor costs are decreased.

TIG welding is a high-quality, high-purity form of precision welding that is a valuable resource for industries such as medical device and aerospace. Its intricate nature makes it one of the most-challenging weld services to master.

Metal brazing involves something called capillary action, which is the melting of a filler metal at a low temperature to join two base metals. Those base metals do not heat to the point of melting. Cleanliness of the filler metals is extremely important in this process, because potential contaminants are not as likely to burn away during the process.

Metal Welding And Cutting Services

Several metals are utilized, depending on your specific needs and for various industries and services:

  • Stainless steel tubing can be used in a variety of your projects, due to its corrosion-resistant properties and ability to withstand long-term exposure to the environment.
  • Copper responds well to bending and soldering, in addition to being one of the more pliable metals, making it a top choice for an array of tasks.
  • Titanium is often used in the aerospace industry for aircraft components and structural design due to the metal’s lightness and durable strength.
  • Aluminum alloys’ lightweight properties make them ideal for use in building aircraft components as well as other applications in the aerospace industry. Aluminum is often more affordable than titanium, and is popular because it is easy to weld and is corrosion resistant.
  • Inconel is an oxidation- and corrosion-resistant material, which is ideal for use in extreme environments where it may be subjected to pressure and heat. It is commonly used in aerospace applications, but is also useful in a variety of other industries.

Metal Tube Cutting

Your end results for metal tubing that is cut exactly to length is assured with our years of expertise. We can guarantee you precise, clean cuts by using a facing tool and a cut off tool to ensure 100% accuracy. To end with an unblemished look, custom finishing services are provided. 


Process Piping

When you need metal pipes or tubes cut and bent to specifications continuously during the complete lifecycle of your project, we’re ready to deliver. Our specialty piping kits are made to your specs and can be re-ordered with just a single part number. What arrives to you are all the pipes or tubes already cut and bent to the exact dimensions required. They’re produced in our Class 100 cleanroom environment to ensure purity.

Metal Tube Cutting
For long-term projects or jobs requiring a lot of fabrication, metals are a cost-effective solution.
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