Why You Should Consider CNC Tube Bending for Your Next Project

Joint welding may be a highly-effective method for joining components within an assembly, there is another, somewhat lesser-known option. If you haven’t considered CNC tube bending as an alternative to welding or manual bending, there are some significant benefits to be aware of. While there are some projects that aren’t a good fit for tube bending, there are many gas and fluid system applications for which CNC tube bending may be the ideal solution.

Unfortunately, many engineers either aren’t aware of this option, or they don’t understand the benefits that CNC bending offers. Here are a few key reasons why you should consider CNC tube bending for your next project.

Cost Savings

If you’re looking to keep costs down, while still achieving quality results, CNC tube bending is a cost-efficient solution to consider. Precision tube bending allows manufacturers to eliminate the need to purchase a large number of joints and fixtures that are required with joint welding, the cost of which can add up quickly.

The CNC bender also allows for tube bending processes to be primarily automated, eliminating the need for a large staff of welding technicians. Most bends can be performed by the machine and checked after the fact by a bending technician, which cuts down on labor costs throughout the course of your project, especially in cases of high-volume orders.

Time Savings

Because the machine can automate much of the process, there is far less manual labor involved, which allows the process to move along more quickly. Because CNC tube bending eliminates the need for using joints and fixtures to connect and secure components, labor time can be saved here as well.

In addition, the precision with which a CNC bending machine is able to perform allows for consistent and accurate bends, which will cut down on time spent having to fix or “re-do” welds that don’t meet quality standards. Custom bends can also be performed easily, and provide a more efficient and faster solution to fitting unique spaces and designs.

Quality & Consistency

Not only does utilizing a CNC bender guarantee a high quality product, but it allows the service provider to achieve the same high-quality result over and over again. Bend radii can be set to fit necessary specifications, and you can rely on the machine to bend accurately each and every time a tube is run through it.

By using a computer-controlled bending machine, there is less of a chance that the end product will have defects. And, by eliminating joints and welds within the complex assembly system, there is less opportunity for leaks or cracks to occur.

Axenics CNC Tube Bending

Axenics offers CNC tube bending as a service to our customers in a variety of industries, and we have experience working with a variety of metals. We also offer custom tube bending services, allowing us to bend to precise customer specifications.

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  • Zequek Estrada Reply February 24, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    I thought this stated some amazing reasons why you should use CNC services. It’s awesome that using this service can be cost efficient. That’s something I feel that many people could appreciate and benefit from.

  • Braden Bills Reply April 4, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    It’s interesting that you can have tubes bent like that. It makes sense that it would be important for things like plumbing! It’s a good idea to have a professional handle it, though. Improperly shaped tubes could be a big problems.

  • kyle johnson Reply May 23, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    Reading this article has taught us a lot about tube bending. It was interesting to learn that tube bending is highly effective and is an alternative method to welding. I can imagine how helpful bending can be when it comes to having a safe alternative to fitting material to your home project.

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