What is AC7004?

The Performance Review Institute (PRI) has created the Nadcap Aerospace Quality System AC7004 as a way for small businesses of under 100 employees such as Axenics to compete in the aerospace arena with the performance of special processes and still be on the same playing field as much larger manufacturers, without incurring the high cost of maintaining a quality system such as AS/EN/JISQ9100. Audit costs for the Nadcap Aerospace Quality System AC7004 are much less than that of AS/EN/JISQ 9100 and the AC7004 audits are performed at three year intervals.

The AC7004 is also unique in that while the AS/EN/JISQ 9100 is geared towards companies having much more infrastructure the AC7004 allows smaller companies to operate within the same high standards of quality using less layers of management. Many of the Tier One companies have their own additional requirements over and above Nadcap for any of the special processes that Nadcap gives accreditation for, but the AC7004 accreditation shows these Tier One entities that the accredited facility has passed a rigorous qutlity examination by PRI and is able to produce high quality parts and control their processes on par with some of the much larger Tier Two and Tier Three facilities.

The AC7004 aerospace quality plan has also recently been revised by PRI to more closely reflect the aerospace industry expectations documented in AS/EN/JISQ 9100, where appropriate.

Axenics’ Nadcap accredited welding processes for manual and orbital TIG welding are covered under the aerospace quality system AC7004. Documentation of all procedures and materials is a must for Nadcap special process approvals and Axenics has met all of the requirements of PRI for the Nadcap Aerospace Quality System AC7004. This major achievement is a hallmark in proving that Axenics is very capable of maintaining the high standards set forth by PRI within the Nadcap quality arena. The Tier One companies can feel comfortable in knowing that Axenics is fully committed and sufficiently equipped to produce quality material for them, and for any of the Tier Two and/or Tier Three suppliers as well.

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