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What are the benefits of a tube bending machine?

by Last updated Sep 8, 2020 | Published on Dec 17, 2019Pipe & Tube Bending

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A tube bending machine is able to bend stainless steel tubing precisely without any interior or exterior diameter imperfections. Utilizing a tube bender results in tubes with no wrinkling, and minimal wall thinning and flattening.

Precision Diameters with Tubing

Stainless steel tubes are used in the production of medical devices that require precise exterior diameters. The exterior diameter indicates stability, and the strength of a tube is dependent on the wall thickness. We recommend the use of a tube bending machine over manual bending for many applications. Some manufacturers do not know that machine-bent tubes are an efficient alternative to weldments or fittings. Manufacturers can benefit from building systems without the wall thinning that occurs in welded systems. With precision tube bending, the integrity of the materials is maintained.

Using a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) precision tube bending machine cuts your time, materials and costs significantly. Axenics executes precision tube bending with a Horn Metric CNC Tube Bender, which produces bends ranging from one-quarter inch to two inches in diameter. For assemblies that need to fit into tighter spaces, the CNC bender allows us to customize the design and radius of the bends for your needs, so the end products fit into smaller or uniquely-shaped spaces.

Design engineers looking for solutions for their next production challenge should consider precision tube bending. It’s an extremely effective solution for building a variety of complex assemblies across industries that require the safe, reliable delivery of chemicals, liquids and gases.

Semiconductor producers also take advantage of tube bending innovations as the process solves the issue of fitting smaller components into precision mechanical assemblies.

Precision Tube Bending Benefits

  • Eliminate welds, joints and fixtures
  • Lower production costs
  • Eliminate risk of leaks
  • Cleaner and smoother finish
  • Minimize flow restrictions

Another huge plus for a precision tube bending machine is the ability to produce large quantities of bends quickly. A technician runs all the parts through the machine, and performs a manual inspection to ensure the quality of the bends. This eliminates much of the manual work, and the CNC bender offers consistent repeatability on high-volume or jobs with multiple bends.

Your entire project becomes much less expensive with the use of a tube bending machine.

Check out the capabilities of our CNC bender.

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