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Getting Leaner with Tube Bending & Fabrication

by Last updated Apr 18, 2024 | Published on Sep 18, 2018Pipe & Tube Bending

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Since installing our Horn Metric TBRE Hybrid CNC Bender a couple years ago, we have seen its usefulness increase tenfold. It is one of the most-consistently used pieces of machinery at Axenics. With that said, the CNC bender only works with metals, and we are encouraging our clients to consider plastic tube bending as another solution to add into your operations. Here are a few reasons why:

Tube bending reduces cost

No weld fittings are required when tube bending or pipe bending using plastics. Metal weldments can deteriorate over time from vibrations when placed into machinery. Vibration fatigue and failure can be a big issue when equipment has a lot of moving parts, causing metal pipes to be replaced sooner. Plastic tube bending or plastic pipe bending can provide components that will help you decrease that risk. Utilizing precision tube bending for components will also lessen the likelihood of leaks that can be a challenge with welded joints.

Axenics can perform custom bending to shape tubes or pipes that are as small as 1/16-inch or as wide as 2 inches. You can work with our engineers to plan how new equipment and components can be added to your existing machinery without compromising the integrity of your tubing or systems already in place.

Tube bending increases efficiencies

Plastic tube and plastic pipe bending creates a faster throughput, as fewer materials are required to complete the fabrication of a custom kit. The lack of weldments, fittings and the components required to finish a weld means shorter cycle times, giving you more freedom and opportunity to service more clients.

Tube bending reduces finishing time

By replacing metal welds with custom tube bending, the end product can be delivered faster, as there will be no discoloration from welding. Plastics such as polytetrafluoroethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride can be manufactured into tubing without having the integrity of the material compromised.

Durability and reliability are two terms we use to proudly boast about our finished products. Plastic tube bending is just one efficiency your business can benefit from when partnering with Axenics.

Horn TBRE Hybrid CNC Bender

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